Why this Agency spent 3 days, devoting all their resources to combat SIDS

It is not uncommon for agencies to spend time working on your favorite projects for the reasons from the typical work with clients. The Agency completely Shut down Billings and devoting all its employees will work in the direction of such a project, however, is unique.

CultHealth, health-focused branch Cult360 so this week. Starting Wednesday, the team shifted its focus to come up with ways of dealing with sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) in one particular market.

It all started when Agency co-founder Jeff Rothstein learned that a number of educational initiatives in the 1990-ies has led to the reduction of mortality from SIDS, which is then leveled and recently started to trend back up. Rothstein wanted to do something to help fight this disease and decided to approach the problem with a very specific brief.

Rothstein said the Agency “great group of creative talent who wanted to have additional opportunities to do good and meaningful things”.

“We can teach people. We can figure out how to break through the noise and create change in behaviour and change to save lives,” he said.

CultHealth reached for Alison Jacobson, CEO of the National nonprofit first candle SIDS, and Harvard Professor of Pediatrics Dr. Richard Goldstein, who also heads the research program of the morgue at children’s hospital Boston. Jacobson and Goldstein told the Agency, as well as educated them on issues related to SIDS.

“We can teach people. We can figure out how to break through the noise and create change in behaviour and change to save lives.”

As a small Agency, CultHealth not want to try to solve the problem on a national scale, Rothstein explained. Narrowing their focus on a single market allows them to “become part of the community, use different channels and it is possible to prove [to make] a measurable difference,” he said.

The Agency has allocated new haven, Connecticut area for several reasons: Connecticut has one of the highest rates of SIDS in the country, and new haven has a large number of African-Americans—who are disproportionately affected by SIDS and one of the best medical communities in the country.

The Agency “fully supported” and “rallied” around the idea, he added, deciding to approach her with the “model hackathon-type”.

“The whole Agency is. We closed our Agency,” Rothstein said. “Each of the creative teams [at] teams, accounts, Finance teams, operations teams and project managers” working on the project, he added.

Starting Wednesday morning, the Agency has divided its employees into groups for brainstorming concepts, to reduce the risk of SIDS in a new community. Time the cutoff was 1:00 PM, which was followed by practicing in front of a partner.

On Friday, the teams exchanged ideas before the jury, medical, media, marketing and outreach points of view. Joining Jacobson and Goldstein were the parents Deputy editor Diane Debrovner and Church & Dwight’s marketing Director Nimit Bansal.

The jury will choose the winning concept of Agency to run primarily on criteria idea, which may spread across multiple channels, including “parents in their homes,” “the doctors and nurses in maternity wards of hospitals” and kindergartens, according to Rothstein.

He said that the idea can be creative or social media campaigns, educational campaigns, innovative product or any combination of them. He gave the example of the sleep environment, which is one of the “major risks” for small island developing States; the focus could be “the creation of conditions for sleeping babies” that reduce risk, based on the recommendations of the American Association of Pediatrics, namely, parents to put children to sleep on the back, in Cribs for free “nothing soft or plush … which can lead to accidental strangulation.”

“There are many cultural factors that go into the types of environments where children sleep”, – he added. “We will be facing a pretty strong headwind from the point of view of cultural change and make people feel comfortable with putting their baby to sleep in a naked crib.”

Everyone was asked to identify specific indicators along with their offer that can track progress. After concept selection, the Agency will be working to bring it to life in the coming months, likely in an effort to execution timed around SIDS awareness month in October.

As an advertising Agency, CultHealth couldn’t help but absolutely approach to the initiative, settling on CultHealth solutions. The response from Agency staff and clients has been overwhelmingly positive, according to Rothstein.

“Of course, we sent out notices in advance to all of our clients,” letting them know that the Agency will focus on the initiative, he said, “and their reaction was so positive and constructive”—so that the Agency broadcast a final message on Facebook live at their request.

In light of the positive response, the Agency plans to carry out similar projects in the future. Of course, the closure of the Agency every week is not exactly feasible, but Rothstein involves conducting annually one or two projects CultHealth solutions.

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