Why making your values memorable will pay off

  • Why making your values memorable will pay off
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    Sweden is famous for many magnificent exports. A quick few of IKEA, ABBA and TBK. If this set of letters is not to contact you as quickly as the first two, let me tell you what it means: the Absolut company.

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Sweden is famous for many magnificent exports. A quick few of IKEA, ABBA and TBK. If this set of letters is not to contact you as quickly as the first two, let me tell you what it means: the Absolut company.

Founded in 1879, now owned by the French group “Pernod Ricard” – but every drop signature vodka is still produced in Sweden. Along with the production team of the video, the Mainframe, I have just returned from a trip to Stockholm, at the headquarters of the TAC, and their production and plant in a small southern town of Åhus.

We had the honor to work with each presenter who, in one week, will be speaking to an audience of nearly 500 employees in the two-day conference carefully designed to update, inform and, most importantly, to inspire.

The masterminds behind this event of culture and communications Manager Kelly Seal and the Director of HR to support the business by Linda Wolfe. Not only are these women choose to create a worker-conference (only a few C-Suite leaders formally presenting), they are also invested in what each of these ‘real speakers of the employee’ receipt of individual coaching content and delivery.

This sends a strong message that each of these people – and the audience, in turn, is extremely valuable. Speaking of values is a Central theme of the conference: to report and share new three core values of the company: together. Daring. Committed. Yes, you are right, the first letter of each value spells even how they relate to their organization. But before you can shake your head and dismiss it with the thought: “Yes, Yes, another set of acronym-making values created ivory towers of an hour,” I rise to explain why I think this company values campaign is different. This is how you can ensure your.

1. Understand the need: Kelly arrived at its position in Stockholm two years ago. She says that when she entered, she surveyed 60 of the company’s employees at all levels, with different jobs and professions.

“I found so many great things about the company and the people who worked here. But when I asked the question, – What are our values today? only one person could name them correctly. Instead of just celebrating and using our values every day as we are together, it is important to be able to voice them”.

2. Starting from scratch: TAS new three meanings of the word was not just made and delivered to the masses as Moses descends from mount Sinai with the ten commandments. The participatory process is critical. First, the selection of employees from different departments, tenure and ages gathered together to form a group of values, who participated in the workshop. Kelly and Linda hired an external Group facilitation, to try to brainstorm ideas in an entertaining and engaging way. Then, after the participants have developed 12 core values, other members of the company were taken to examine common themes. These themes were captured in a three words.

3. Make your value message memorable: I remember when I first left CNN and became the leading media and candidate training programs in developing democracies like Indonesia and Cambodia. Other, more experienced coaches regularly deployed contraction, to help your messages stick. As kiss, for “keep it simple stupid.” At first I chuckled, thinking that they were under the intelligence itself, and other participants. But, guess what? I remember them. And that’s the whole point. Values in TAC-link to what everyone already refers to the company internally. So, don’t worry about how silly or obviously if it helps people remember you, it works.

4. Keep reinforcing: at the upcoming conference three members of the values team are going to take each word and tell what it means to them personally. Coordinators of the seminar then returned for the encore to lead the entire organization in the game is connected with the words meaning. I’m sure Kelly and Linda does not stop there. Do not create the words, the meaning or definition of the mission and leave them to fade in a written document. Continue to create ways to keep them on the tips of all languages.

5. Have fun: finally, have fun with this project. Your words should reflect and reinforce their culture. Here is one example of how the ODA has shown together, bold and committed’. In the beginning of this year, 28 of them are ‘real people’ took off his clothes for digital advertising campaigns. Google ‘absolute, with nothing to hide and you will get a correct rough idea. Talk about commitment to the company. Four days training is buzzing about it.

We even met one of the EP, “actors” as we worked with him to Polish fully clothed presentation, he was willing to give at the conference. Strive to develop the right words value for Your company that your team can implement in the years ahead. Without – or better yet their clothes.

  • Gina London, a former CNN presenter and international strategist. It acts as a media commentator, entertainer and corporate consultant. @TheGinaLondon. Write to Gina’s care SundayBusiness@independent.ie

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