Why H20+ Beauty and music group, Disney partnership activation in stagecoach

Fans of country music starts hit a high note with the brands, as the genre is becoming more popular among adults.

One place where brands are beginning to create space for themselves-a coach, 11-year-old country music festival, held this year from 27 to 29 April in Indio, California. The annual festival held after Coachella, mega-festival, where brands build a Yurt or take the gondolas in the Ferris wheel to activate them. This year, H20+ Beauty and music team of Disney going after the Stagecoach instead of Coachella, in a move they think will pay off for years to come.

“I think the coach is the ability to get to the event, which is very against [one], which found,” said ally NG, Director of integrated marketing at H2O+. “We are excited to bring this truly unique user experience the place that I haven’t done this before.”

H20+ Beauty and the Disney group have teamed up to host “H20+ Oasis beauty” activation on 27 and 28 April. The event will take place at the hotel Zenyara grounds stage, which includes an artificial beach. During the day we expect about 600 VIP parties, fashion and beauty bloggers will receive Spa treatments to relax and “moisturize” in the desert and watch the singer sessions. Night, about 2,000 guests will be treated to more performances from artists like Kelsea ballerini.

“Country music continues to gain popularity and become more and more and push into the mainstream music space,” said Rob Souriall, Vice President, global marketing group, the music of Disney. “Because it’s bigger, we now return to it.”

The cooperation between two brands not come out of nowhere; H20+ beauty is an official corporate partner services to Walt disney, with products of the brand will be available in the Disney hotels, resorts and cruises. However, the partnership is synchronized with both the ultimate goal of companies standing out, makes a splash in a stagecoach and ensuring brand recognition.

“After doing some thinking and aligning with our brand story and what we’re all about, we really felt like doing something different and felt that doing the activation in Stagecoach had the opportunity to stand out,” NG said. “We really saw this as a good time to push the envelope and do things that other brands didn’t do before.”

Since H20+ has its own Autonomous this space, activating this method allows consumers to know a little more about it and what it can provide to consumers.

“We create this truly unique customer experience that is actually happening, to be truly 360, in terms of digital reach, being able to create a unique branded environment,” NG said. “Being able to attract customers at this level is something that I think is extremely valuable for us both from the point of view of awareness and transformation”.

The two brands worked with modern productions about four months to bring the activation stage.

“This is probably the biggest consumer activation from the festival that there has ever been to Stagecoach,” said Mike Campbell, Director of marketing for modern performances. “In uncovering this property, we will deliver that experience—the experience of interaction with the brand for the skin care that the brand wants in a really unique place which is really relaxing Spa environment.”

All interested companies are hoping to bring the activation in the future.

“This will be the hottest party in the desert,” said NG.

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