Whatsapp has introduced several new features for groups

A continued emphasis on Facebook group has been extended to your whatsapp app for messaging.

Whatsapp announced on Tuesday several new features for groups blog:

  • Group description: Administrators Group can set goals, guidelines and topics for the groups, and new members will see this information at the top of the chat.
  • Admin controls: Administrators can restrict which users can change the group theme, icon, and description. They can also remove admin rights to other group members. The creators of the group cannot be removed from the group they started.
  • Group tag: group members can catch up on messages that mention them or responses to their posts by clicking the new button in the lower right corner of Group chat.
  • Participant search: group members can find other groups through a search on the group page.

Whatsapp also said that users cannot be added to return to the groups they have left, adding in his blog, “the groups were an important part of the whatsapp experience, whether family members connect around the world or childhood friends to stay in touch for many years. There are also people in groups on whatsapp, as new parents looking for support, students should organize training sessions and even city leaders coordinate efforts to provide assistance after natural disasters.”

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