What to expect from viacom and expanded partnership in snapchat

Viacom and Snapchat, Inc. expanding their partnership, the companies announced today.

Viakom will create and develop new shows and much more in our story from MTV, Bet and Comedy Central to appear in snapchat’s.

“We really begin to see the separation of the ages on the platform”, the President of MTV Chris McCarthy said. “We are focused on how to seize majority of the audience on platforms that they are? We will be relying steeper at [age] 12 to 17 in the digital/social”.

In the past two years, snap-together with ESPN, SCRIPPS network interactive, open communications, proven, Vice Media, A+E networks, BBC, BBC worldwide, Turner, Disney-ABC television group, viacom and NBCUniversal to create original content Snapchat.

The partnership will return the ID of the girl and the MTV series Cribs. MTV is also debuting a new show, Promposal, which will be presented to extreme, sometimes ridiculous ways Teens ask each other to dances.

Viakom will also produce more of our stories related events, including kids ‘ choice awards at the vmas, MTV TV and film related awards and red carpet events. Viakom also will continue to produce three daily MTV channels in the United States and France, as well as international edition.

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