What is best short-term investments: Google or social media?

As a business owner, it can be difficult and sometimes confusing to decide what would be more useful for your work in the short term – investments in Google, or investment in social media. There is no universal right answer because this question depends on many different factors. In what industry are you? That you do not fall in the short term? You have a strong existing digital marketing skills, or you will have to hire someone with this expertise?

Taking the time to properly assess the strengths of Your business, as well as short term goals, you can determine which marketing method is best for you. Search engine optimization and search engine marketing may seem a difficult concept for the uninitiated – but do not be afraid. SEO is a more natural way of being located by potential customers, and the seven goals of your target audience like nothing else. Social media marketing as a “creative” type and type-perfect for the engagement of and present what your business has to offer. It is impossible to discuss all the growing Australian industry in one sitting – so below is a brief discussion of the four major industries and their respective requirements marketing.

The Food Industry

Australian food businesses in the Internet industry giant – it covers all the restaurants, pubs, bars, hotels serving meals, snacks and drinks. Its popularity should come as no surprise – we are a multiethnic nation that loves our food, and we are proud of our rich and diverse café culture. In the short term, the most reasonable solution is to invest in Google. Your customers are looking for locally, and, thus, to turn to Google when they want to know about the newest street food vendor or a nearby café. This makes SEO and SEM the most important tools for getting your business on the first page of results. Increasing your visibility in local searches, start with optimizing your account to Google my business. Constantly advertised opening Hours, prices and reviews on all of Your ads have a long way to go to prevent a drop in your search rankings.

Retail Trade

Retail trade is a broad term – the ABS divides the retail industry into six groups, and then again on many other industry subgroups – and there’s no reason to make one rule for all retail-based marketing. For example, if your business is clothes and your potential customers are users of social networks, this type of marketing is the way forward. The fact remains that 47% of millennial age people say that their purchases affect the content of social media, and 84% of social network users say they have followed the brand or any product using social platforms. Therefore, promoting your business consistently via the major social media platforms allow you to reach far more potential customers than a flyer campaign (although the flyer campaign is still effective and their place in the marketing strategy). The good news is that creative social media marketing is free if you incur any incidental expenses to produce custom content. On the other hand, if your retail business of electrical products your target market are much more likely to Google the answers than looking through Instagram, and therefore, short-term investments in marketing, Google will be a better use of your time.


If your business in e-Commerce, strong SEO and SEM strategy will be most profitable for you in the short term. Ranking higher in search results, is a factor that Internet users associated with credibility and respectability. Using pay per click advertising means that you will begin to see visitors to your site once you start your trek. Create daily and monthly budgets and maximum bets your ROI will keep your campaign on track. Link building is an SEO tactic that can successfully increase traffic to your website. To take Airtasker, an online mobile market where users outsource everyday tasks to members of the community. Versatile link building strategy has contributed to this company in the end 7, a 251% increase in website traffic. If You do not feel confident implementing the best practices of SEO yourself, it may be worth it to hire an experienced professional. SEO, as well as families, can take a lot of time if you are new to this process. Having said that, it is well worth to explore what social media marketing can do for your ecommerce as well. According to Forbes magazine, companies that use influencer marketing have 37% higher retention rate than business people who don’t. Find social media influence that is perfect for your core brand values has the potential to be a reliable short-term marketing investments.


The tourism industry in Australia consists of approximately 270, 000 companies. The road from Google ‘traveler decision tells us that search engines are the first choice for travelers for trip planning, and the second option for those who travel for business. Sam can get expensive, if you want to start a campaign in a competitive industry, as you are essentially one unit by keywords. It is therefore recommended to conduct a thorough SEO campaign that implements current best practices. Best practices change frequently, because Google changes its ranking algorithms. You can unknowingly end up violating Google if you have Duplicate content on your website, or engage in excessive reciprocal link exchange.

“A systematic understanding of Your business strengths, target market, and short-term goals will allow You to make the best marketing decisions in the near future.”

Making sure that marketing tactic to adopt in the short term requires a deep understanding of your target audience, and your own skill set. Practices such as search engine optimization may be easy to implement and maintain, if you have the necessary experience, but if You don’t have the time or know-how that you need to turn to a professional for advice. If your potential market of frequent users of social media, creative campaigns in social networks-is a great route to go down. However, setting up accounts social media for Your business will provide customers with a public platform to any dissatisfaction, so you need to know in advance how you will deal with this situation. Google and social media marketing tactics so much to offer to small businesses, and the best Type of digital marketing strategy will allow you to combine both methods. A systematic understanding of Your business strengths, target market, and short-term goals will allow You to make the best marketing decisions in the near future.

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