Weedmaps wants to have a conversation about Marijuana with hundreds of billboards

Weedmaps, the Platform is directory of cannabis, do not want the public to leave with a bad nuggets of information on marijuana. So, she is planning to continue its “weed facts” campaign over the next few months, the new statistics and research on legalization.

The campaign, which began in 2016 with a few billboards, each of them dedicated to five different statistics (for example, States with cannabis legalization experience a 12 percent reduce theft), has two high purposes: to “stimulate debate” and to change the narrative about how cannabis said. Currently, the company has 221 billboards in five States—Arizona, California, Colorado, Michigan and Oregon, and British Columbia and Ottawa in Canada. (The only difference is that Billboard for opiates and marijuana will not work in Canada because of rules about how a company can advertise research and medicinal effects.)

The company plans to release at least 10 to 15 new billboards within the next two to three months in States that will help hemp legalization on the ballot.

However, on 221 billboards already in place, Weedmaps plans to upgrade the messaging system each quarter, with different research and statistical data, such as the legalization of impact on road safety, the sale of alcohol and opioid use.

“The Genesis of the campaign was the idea that a large part of the narrative surrounding the legalization of marijuana was really not based in reality, and what the current state of knowledge,” said Chris Beals, President of Weedmaps. “We thought that by combining what we considered the real needs for the development of public dialogue about what the real facts around marijuana legalization with our brand was a responsible way of getting information.”


For growing cannabis industry, find out how to advertise is a serious challenge. The largest digital options—Facebook and Google—not to allow advertising of drugs. TV and radio advertising can be costly, if not difficult—like granular, station level and at the normative level, between different States. The rules are a bit more flexible with out-Of-home advertising and Beals, whose campaign will include ads on buses, bus stops and cycle rickshaws, can be a more effective way for people to learn Weedmaps.

The campaign was created in-house and as it continues, Weedmaps wants to start to send her on more digital and social media.

“The future is interesting, because we roll that I find really worthy of discussion and impressive weed facts, what really happens to make people say,” Beals said.

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