Want to Flaunt to melt? This ad Agency has created a perfect candle for You

Creative minds in Los Angeles, a multicultural boutique Agency-O1 built a large, beautiful candle—and they want You to pay for it.

Beautiful, of course, depends on your point of view in the description of dense yellow-orange, miniature sculpture of the heads and presidents Donald trump neck, but this candle is undoubtedly handmade. And for a limited time, the Agency O1 will sell products as a symbol of hope … that the obvious leader of America “will melt soon.”

The opinion of the President wax, supplemented by a sign on his tie that says “it’s only a matter of time” – a little anxious.

Here (sad!) a time lapse video clip of the time spent on one candle.

In a statement provided to Adweek, 01 founders of the Agency and creative Director Curro Chozas and Juan Pareja said that the candle is “a way to show their point of view on the current political situation with an unexpected and ironic twist”.

So what’s the twist? The Agency will transfer 30 percent of the profits raised from the sale of candles for organizations that support causes and groups trump publicly denounced in some way, including the LGBT community, women and migrants.

“We always tell our clients that in our time, the brands must have a point of view … to stand for something,” – Cosas and oubiña added. “We wanted to walk our talk and to devote part of our time to inspire conversations around the social issues we care about.”

They continued: “so when the first year of Donald trump as President comes to an end, we thought about creating a ‘jubilee candle.’”

According to Casas and Oubiña, the idea for the candles also came from new and old traditions, including the belief in certain cultures that lighting a candle and making a wish will ensure that it comes true. Creative Directors said that they were also inspired by the annual festival “burning man” festival in the Nevada desert, where the setup of the titular wooden statue on fire and watch it turn into ashes became a ritual.

Trump candles, at a price of $39.95, is the first of limited-edition products Agency O1 said that he wants to sell under the platform o-uniques. Products are designed “to create dialogue and discussions that are meaningful to our world.”

Cases and Pareja said they already sold the first batch of 200 candles and, therefore, price second “at a much lower price.”

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