Vice media will show you how to move from environmentally friendly to a new partnership

Overture, an organization that brings together companies advocate for global humanitarian problems, and Vice Media announced a new partnership to create a series of videos dedicated to the companies that conduct more healthy products or products that are better for the environment.

Vice Media to create and distribute video after the Overture identificeret companies making improvements in these areas.

Among the 50 members of the Overture-Johnson & Johnson, Spotify, IRC, UN women, USAID and the world policy Institute.

“This relationship with Vice will allow Overture to help organizations in the social impact space to get the word [new] is good about what they are doing in response to some of the world’s problems,” Overture CEO and President died Andrews said in a statement.

For example, a series can follow companies that remove plastics from their supply lines or the use of fewer chemicals, says Andrews.

“Overture”, which was launched a little over two years ago and has headquarters in new York, meets to discuss humanitarian issues and strategize how to solve them. They also hold events honoring leaders in the space.

Launched in 1994, Vice Media is expected to reach more than 80 global areas of mobile, digital and linear platforms this year.

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