Tips For Using Video For Branding

Tips For Using Video For Branding

Tips For Using Video For Branding

If you want your brand to stand out in a crowded field of competitors, you need to start using video for branding, traditional marketing methods can no longer be effective. The market of the 21st century is increasingly complex, requiring new and innovative ways to exert influence. Video is a new marketing tool to create and strengthen a unique brand.

Here are some effective tips for using video for branding:

Connection Of The Meters

Today’s customers don’t just want to be aware of. They want to learn, grow and be inspired. From entertaining animation video on “how to” and informational videos, there are endless ways to creatively incorporate video into their marketing strategy.

More attractive than static text, a video message for the average person short, visual attention, and let you tell a compelling story through the perfect delivery method; therefore, customers have the opportunity to join Your company and brand with instant platform.

In demonstrating a consistent and true identity through online video, you fill your brand with the rare authenticity that cannot be easily captured through the written word.

The personal element, which can be reached in just a few minutes in a video is difficult, if not impossible–to replicate via text alone blogs. Improving personal relationships can also supply a more reliable sense of Your company, products, services and integrated brand.

Will Stand Out Brand

Online video branding can help to separate you from your competitors by establishing Your business as unique, recognizable and memorable brand. The visual nature of video is powerful and leaves a lasting impression.

Online video branding not only helps to capture your audience’s attention, but also helps to preserve it. The more engaged Your customers are with your video content, the longer they will stay on your website. And the longer a customer stays on your site, the more familiar they become with your brand.

Putting the you in YouTube

For better or for worse, our attention less. Put that fact to work for Your company, creating interactive, visual Content in video form.

That takes 10 or more minutes to send the message in a blog can take as little as a minute or two in the video. And although people can feel investment is small when watching videos, the potential benefits are huge for business, especially if you use the power of YouTube.
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When placing a video on Your company’s website can have a positive impact by posting on YouTube can be transformational. Hundreds of thousands of videos are viewed every day on YouTube.

Imagine how many new viewers and potential new customers–you can do sharing your content on YouTube. Viewers like to click through embedded links, so by linking from YouTube to your site, you’ll get even more traffic to your website.

In addition, YouTube is now behind only Google, in terms of ranking in the search engines. In fact, Google, which owns YouTube, it’s not a coincidence that YouTube videos high ranking in the Google search results.

A well-executed video can fly up on the first page of results, while the main blog can get lost in the crowd of losers.

Also, view our YouTube Ranking tips for enhancing your rating.

To upload videos every day

Constantly on the placement of the video, you can create fresh content, an approach that will keep you at the forefront of Google’s rankings analysts. It’s a win-win: your current clients will appreciate your consistency, leads to increased brand loyalty.

Meanwhile, a whole new audience can be captured by increasing the results of your search visibility to generate more traffic to your website.

Today’s search engines not to index video only profitable, but also to respond to the positive bounce rate and average Duration of stay of the user, further enhancing your website metrics and improve your ranking in search engines.

Sending more potential customers to your website and create brand awareness, online video also provides increased exchange rates.

According to KISSmetrics video now accounts for 70 percent of the top 100 search results, and those who watched product videos, up to 85 percent more likely to make a purchase online.

In addition, visitors are more inclined to stay on the site longer than two minutes. While two minutes may seem insignificant, it is huge when multiplied by the total number of visitors.

To invest in video Marketing

In the cost of video marketing is within reach of most medium and small companies, especially when you consider the potential payoff. To hire the services of a professional video service or SEO service provider with a video marketing component, you improve your brand on the supply quality, which helps inform Your customers perception of your brand.

Watch online video branding services shows that the costs are not as accessible. If the price really is prohibitive, you can make a video on your own, using the tools already at your disposal, such as a smartphone, consumer camera or software for video editing.

Another option is to contact your local radio station or local high school to look for near-professional talent at a reduced cost.

Red Wing Shoe Company: An Illustrative Example

Took our time machine and go to June 2011, where gene Rebeck wrote an article for “twin cities business” magazine titled “view on site” in which he elaborated on the company’s inclusion of online video in their marketing strategies.

Their goal was to verify the authenticity of their all-American brand image through a series of four professionally-produced online videos, including a three-minute tour of company manufacturing and humanistic image of their employees. Red wing has launched a video via social media; less than four months later, they exceeded 100 000 Views.

Although these figures may seem small compared to what you can find in a viral video on YouTube, they had a significant impact on the brand Red wing.

Video reviews of Facebook Messages has grown by almost 50 percent, while growth in site traffic was only slightly less at 45 percent. Visitors are not only increased, but also stayed longer–about two minutes and 30 seconds; in other words, the approximate Duration of each video.

The company launched a video-image campaign to counteract some potentially dangerous press about offshore production.

The authenticity presented in these videos to counteract the adverse and then some; at the time of writing this, the red wing brand is on the rise, the company hires new employees, improve performance and add new potential customers every day through its online video branding efforts.

Some of the prohibitions in the middle to do

Now you know why and how video can help your brand, here are some things to avoid when creating an online video advertising campaign. First, to keep the video short and sweet–three minutes to be exact. Telling short, simple story, you provide a fully digestible capsules of information to viewers.

Even the shortest video should have a professional appearance. Positive branding depends on a positive performance; it’s not worth the effort, if not done well.

Poor filming or production work can detract from your brand by providing a low impression about Your company. Keep in mind that while Content creation is key to an effective strategy of using social media, your brand is only enhanced by high-quality material.

Remaining competitive means getting in front and staying ahead of the competition. According to comScore, 180.1 million Internet users in the U.S. watched online video content a whopping 36.6 billion.

If your business is not yet included online video branding into your marketing strategy, you are missing a great opportunity. Thinking outside the box (of text) by creating online video marketing can greatly enhance your brand.

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