Thor? Babe Ruth? Researchers are looking for the best finger to go up the butts of the people in this strange prostate PSA

Men often seem uncomfortable exam of the prostate, despite the fact that it’s a fast and easy way to potentially save their lives.

Maybe the problem isn’t discomfort as the lack of “masculine” options for prostate-probing fingers. Here’s a crazy idea that canadian dog, who introduces the (fictional) “the famous finger of the collection” latex gloves, allowing the man to experience more subtle feelings to be considered great figures of history, literature, and even Norse mythology.

There Winston Churchill, finger, finger of Genghis Khan, and even Thor’s finger (which begs the question, “what two fingers?”). Created by the McCann Canada and Directors Ben/Dave partners film for prostate cancer in Canada, “famous fingers” the PSA is certainly one of the more unexpected cancer-prevention ad You will see this year … or ever.

“We are talking about normalizing the conversation around prostate exams, and stressing the importance of early detection of prostate cancer,” says Peter Coleridge, President and CEO of prostate Cancer Canada. “We know that people are not familiar with the idea of getting the prostate checked, but early diagnosis can save lives. Any alternative considered by the doctor is quite absurd that the campaign perfectly captures. You’d rather have a prostate exam your doctor, or big foot? We’ll let you decide.”

Non-profit says that one in seven canadian men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime. The disease is relatively easy to catch and treat in its early stages, if men have a regular prostate exam.

In addition to the video, the campaign includes newspaper ads, posters-bar, radio and PR.

“Men don’t talk about prostate health. They are not fascinated by her like they are with sports, movies and music,” says David Leonard, CEO of mccann Worldgroup Canada. “So we combined that they don’t like to talk about it, what they are doing to create a humorous and fun way for guys to start thinking about your prostate health.”

The campaign website, definitely worth a visit, if for nothing more than a strange copywriting, describing each finger:

“Genghis Khan: his finger conquered China. Further, your prostate?”

“Frankenstein’s monster: finger frightened the villagers. Further, your prostate?”

“Paul Bunyan: finger tamed the blue ox. Further, your prostate?”

If they do not take your doctor seems a reasonable option, ladies and gentlemen, that possibly be?


Title: Famous Collection Of Finger
Client: Prostate Cancer Canada

Agency: Mccann Canada
Chief Creative Officer: Darren Clark
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