This initiative transforms Your social media posts in letters to Congress, using the handwriting of the victim of the shooting

It is easy to Express political frustrations on Twitter or Facebook. But the ephemeral nature of social media means that such posts are easily ignored and forgotten.

It’s an incentive to change the ref and the posts Area 23 the letters initiative, which converts social media posts to handwritten letters to members of Congress. This allows users to either print and send the messages yourself or was it done automatically, thanks to a partnership with imagination international Inc.

This project is particularly personal Manuel Oliver, co-founder of change right along with his wife Patricia, who donated the handwriting of his son, Joaquin Oliver. Joaquin was one of 17 students killed in the mass shooting in February at Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school in Park, Florida.

“The concept that is so powerful. I have no words to explain,” Oliver told Adweek, calling the initiative “a small victory in this nightmare.”

The FCB health network of 23 developed the concept around the understanding that handwritten letters are one of the most effective ways of achieving representatives. In a recent survey of the Fund management of Congress, 96% of employees agreed that individual letters would have “some” or “great” influence on members of Congress who have not yet “arrived at a firm decision” on this issue.

“It’s kind of the era of slacktivism,” said Tim hockey Square 23 Executive Vice President, managing Director and Executive creative Director. “You see a lot of messages in social media. But You don’t see many people actually put pen to paper or get up and do things.”

The area 23 years working on online video for promotion of the initiative, representing the positions in the concept letters and invite audiences to participate.

“My son is a very inspirational person, [and] his legacy is everywhere,” said Oliver. “I am very proud father.”

Oliver recalls that the area 23 and they came to change the Ref with the idea of people who devote their handwriting for the initiative, and then asked him to sacrifice his hand as the father of the victim. Soon after, there was a collective Eureka and Oliver went through school notebook Joaquin to provide a sufficient number of handwriting samples to build a font that allows you to deliver messages to representatives in the handwriting of his son.

“The courage that Manuel should take the handwriting of the son, and to turn it into a machine for people to Express their concerns and demands to their government … it’s very brave for him to do,” said Hawkeye as well.

Hockey also said that the initiative will be supported by paid social placements, as well as “full-page ad in local Newspapers in areas where we can stand, to affect change.” He explained that advertising will work as a letter that you can tear off and send to the address of the representative.

In fact, 25,000 letters have already been sent in anticipation of the end of the Congress spring break, so return to the pile of letters on his Desk.

The empowerment of the next generation

Oliver started to change Ref to provide assistance to a new generation of political activists. His most notable project until now was a wall of Oliver demand the mural series, including images of Joaquin and messages such as “we demand to live.” The group also usually organizes registration efforts voting around such events.

“I’ve been an artist my whole life,” said Oliver. “When it happened, I discovered that through art I can give a voice to my son so that he can still fight for their rights, for the rights of their friends. My wife and I feel better knowing that Joaquin there through art”.

Inspired by student activism and the first painting of Oliver in new York, the Area 23 is pulled on the project, which was already in the works and intertwined in what has become posts in letters initiative to change Ref.

Hokie also explained that recently, some area 23 employees who moved from the area parks and those and others feel obliged to do something in light of the tragedy.

“When 12 people come into Your office to ask to do an important project, there is no answer you can give them, but Yes,” he said.

Along with creating font from handwriting Joaquin, with an area of 23 and change the Ref gave a letter-creating an event in the Park.

“Not everyone can Express their trauma and Express their feelings through words,” said Hawkeye as well. “Many of these children were looking for something to do, and it’s merged at the same time. We have literally hundreds of handwriting samples and donations from children in the Park.”

At the stage of the project, the Area 23 is considering the possibility of creating a single font from these student samples.

The posts on the website letter also allows visitors to donate to change Ref or for friends and families of shooting victims to donate their handwriting.

How to change Ref and region 23 expressed interest in continuing partnerships in the future. Oliver is also open to projects with other agencies interested in sharing their time to work with the organization.

“Our work up until November this year to raise and insist on the necessity of voter registration to the youth audience.” Carol L. Chenkin, Executive Director, change of Ref

“I think some advertisers will see great opportunities to help,” he said. “The fact that the zones [23] came first …, to take care of everything, in terms of ideas, it’s amazing. Someone else that is willing to do the same is more than welcome”.

Then, for a change, the Ref, Executive Director Carol L. Chenkin said: “our work up until November this year to raise and need to ask for voter registration in the youth audience.”

Other planned future initiatives include the creation of a voter app allows users to easily candidate, education, activity learning, town hall events, youth gatherings, and education College performances.

Oliver suggests, the posts in the letters, in particular, will resonate with Marjory Stoneman Douglas students.

“I’m sure they will love it,” he said. “Be prepared to get a lot of tweets from Emma Gonzalez, David Hogg. Everyone will know about it”.

“The way they see Joaquin and how we, my wife and I saw Joaquin, he’s one of those kids,” Oliver said. “We have two choices: we can understand and think that we lost Joaquin that he is no longer with us … or we may think that Joaquin is one of those children that he is there. It has one of the loudest voices”.

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