The super bowl and the winter Olympics Help NBC to repeat his season win in the 18-49 demo

As a television of the 2017-18 season winds down this week, NBC will go with 18-49 demo win for the second consecutive year, celebrates its fourth win in the last five seasons.

The network finishes the season as the most popular network among 18 – to 49-year-olds most coveted by advertisers, with a 2.2 customers, thanks to super bowl LII and winter Olympic games, which aired in February and has produced more than $1.2 billion in advertising for NBCUniversal.

It was a strong lead against other broadcasters Fox, CBS and ABC, who took second place in the demo with a 1.5 rating. SN trailed with a 0.6 rating. KOS, however, was again No. 1 In total viewers (9.0 million) for the tenth year in a row, just edging NBC (8.9 million), despite the fact that the super bowl-Olympics network, one-two punch.

ABC, which was mired in fourth place for five of the last six seasons, clawed its way out of the basement and three ways for the second two of the season’s biggest breakthroughs: successful revival of Roseanne and the good Doctor, which was the highest rated freshman drama.

In addition to his victory 18-49, NBC also won the season in adults, men and women 25-54, men and women 18-49 and adults, men and women 18-34. The network says this is the first time the network has become the winner of the season in all key demographics since Fox did it 10 years ago.

NBC will have a hard time removing the 18-49 hat-trick in 2018-19, however, given that he will have the super bowl or Thursday Night Football, which is going to Fox for the next five years and the next Olympics not until the summer of 2020.

KOS, it seems that the demo edge the following season, thanks to super bowl LIII, but ABC will look like Roseanne, will return in the fall to continue his end of season momentum. And last week upfront, Fox executives said demo rating of 18-49 network will increase by double digits this fall due to Thursday Night Football.

In the night of Sunday Football is about broadcasting series 1 in the demo this season with a rating of 6.2. This is us was the highest rating drama with 5.4, while Rosanna has exceeded all of the Comedy with the 5.3. (Rosenn, which airs its season finale tonight, can still challenge us for the best entertainment series in the demo.) The walking dead regularly tops all broadcast series in 18-49 over the last few seasons, but a 5.3 rating this season ties him with Rosann for third place.

In total viewers, the big Bang Theory became the most-watched programming in General, averaging 18.8 million viewers. Just to beat Roseanna, with 18.7 million-viewer average. (And depending on the assessment of today’s season finale, the ABC sitcom maybe even get ahead of the Big Bang.) Last season the overall ratings Victor, Sunday Night Football, settled for third place with 18.3 million. Ncis was the most popular drama in total viewers, 17 million.

Among broadcast networks, ABC (6.0 million) was third in total viewers, followed by Fox (4.9 million) and the CW (1.7 million).

(All ratings reflect the “most current” ratings of Nielsen, who live-plus-7 for the whole season except for the last two weeks, which are live-plus-same-day.)

Linear ratings woes continued this season—just five years ago, NBC’s 2.1 demo rating would leave it tied for last place among the four major networks, as each network was down for the year, with the exception of weapons of mass destruction, of which 5 percent can be marked as the Superbowl and Olympics.

Fox declined 21% yoy (live super bowl last season), CBS 17%, and ABC was off 6%, and SN saw a 14 percent drop.

In total viewers, CBS was down 7 percent, according to NBC jumped 10 percent, the primer for the 3 per cent, Fox was down 16 percent and the CW saw a 6 percent drop.

2017-18 September to may Medium season
(average rating and audience up to may 21)

Adults 18-49
NBC 2.2, 2.8 million
CBS 1.5, 2 million
Alphabet 1.5, 1.9 million
Fox 1.5, 1.9 million
SN 0.6, 760,000

Total Viewers
CBS, 9.0 million
NBC 8.9 million
ABC 6.0 million
Fox 4.9 million
SN 1.7 million

Ratings season the ‘big four’ radio’ 18-49 in the last decade

NBC 2.2
CBS 1.5
ABC 1.5
Fox 1.5

NBC 2.1
Fox 1.9
CBS 1.8
ABC 1.6

CBS 2.3
NBC 2.1
Fox 1.9
AVS 1.8

NBC 2.4
CBS 2.3
AVS 2.2
Fox 1.9

NBC 2.7
Fox 2.5
CBS 2.4
ABC 2.1

CBS 2.9
Fox 2.5
NBC 2.4
AVS 2.2

Fox 3.2
CBS 3.0
NBC 2.5
ABC 2.4

Fox 3.5
CBS 2.9
AVS 2.5
NBC 2.3

Fox 3.7
CBS 3.2
ABC 2.7
NBC 2.7

Fox 3.6
CBS 3.1
ABC 2.9
NBC 2.8

Fox 4.2
ABC 3.0
CBS 3.0
NBC 2.8

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