The restructuring plan is Ogilvy ‘USA 2.0’ promises to close the gender gap in pay

Last week, wpp Ogilvy & Mather has announced significant changes to American governance as recent events in the constant shift, global chief Executive officer John Seifert calls “the next Chapter”. According to the Agency executives, the main purpose of these efforts is to simplify the work of Ogilvie in the United States, thereby creating a faster and more agile networks are better suited to meet the needs of our customers.

CEO USA Aversano Lu told the hearing on Thursday in the town hall-style meetings are passed on to workers in all American offices.

“We continue to develop our structures of work and expanded our leadership in the effort to produce the best work for our clients,” Aversano said in a statement to Adweek. The most significant change is the creation of a “potential USA national team” under the leadership of the United States chief strategy officer Steve Zaroff, who left McCann to join the network ogilvy last year.

The leaders of this team is:

  • The strategy of the group, Shari Reichenberg customer and engagement channel
  • Group managing Director Stephanie Ricke on data insights and performance analysis
  • Senior Vice President, chief strategy officer Cheryl Ader-Dunn driving experience of the employee
  • Head of digital Rob Davis on digital experiences and innovation
  • Ogilvy PR group managing Director, Michelle Anderson, as a PR and influence lead
  • Social lab group leader American operations Benjamin Snyers as the head of the public campaign
  • One of the main creative staff Joe Sciarrotta and Alfonso Marian, together with the Executive creative Directors who work under them as the leaders of the “Glory is doing.”

Ogilvy also “downsized” its existing structure of the group in the interests of creating a “less Central leadership team.” The group was first announced in early 2017, when Seifert named nine executives to help keep track of customers, talent, new business and Finance efforts in the United States

CEO Ogilvy’s Lou Aversano us

These nine groups was reduced to seven, with the Executive leadership team, which once consisted of more than 25 people reduced to eight: Cathy Francque and Michelle Anderson in Chicago; Nellie Anderson and Sandeep Vasudevan in new York, Cathy Baird in Washington, D.C.; Dan La Russo Ogilvy in the West; Kate Cronin on health and wellbeing, and Todd Krugman oversight of the IBM team in Manhattan.

The only significant hire specified in the ad, is a veteran of the Agency publicis Vincent Geraghty, who is now Executive Director of integrated production, based in the Chicago office of the Agency.

USA Ogilvy served as a proving ground for the next major program of the Chapter, and the above-mentioned changes, appeared after a period of experimentation with these new models. The Agency also has been a wave of layoffs in recent weeks in the context of this shift; the press Secretary noted that he had suffered less than 2 percent of the total number of U.S. workers, but refused to go into details.

“I think we’ve done a very good job in the 1st quarter, reducing our operating fat … but alone to reduce costs is not enough,” Aversano told Adweek. “When I pass a transformation of this size, a large structural change, but also in the behavior: it’s about how we work.”

The CEO said that a significant part of the adjustment based on the requirements of the client, describing it as “less structure and focus on customers, all in accordance with the strategy of John ‘the next Chapter’”.

“The possibility of muscle, in terms of what gives us the power of offers, examination and evaluation,” he said, adding that the network aims“ to make the innovation that we have already proved in the test cases, beta-and scale, [and] to deliver the Premier guide for clients and their brands. The manifestation, which appears to work, so I think we will have a strong showing goes to D2.”

On new business, Aversano said that Ogilvy recently won several accounts, although he could only mention of oneworld airlines and “a significant number [not specified] medical business”. Aversano declined to comment on a long-time client Kimberly-Clark’s ongoing global creative review, but keep in mind that the network recently expanded its scope to operate nationwide, British Airways and brand USA.

Said the employee who participated in the town hall Adweek that Aversano has also made a specific pledge to eliminate gender inequalities in U.S. network Ogilvy. The topic has received wide coverage in the media with WPP published its UK wage by gender gap report, which found that the average male employee in the world’s largest advertising company continues to 25.5 per cent more than a woman.

Aversano declined to comment directly on the unfinished audit of pay rates in USA network Ogilvy. He did, however, confirm that he promised to give 2/3 of the Agency’s annual increase pool for women “while the equality in pay is achieved”.

“We have a commitment in anticipation of having some gaps that we need to solve, like any other company,” he said. “The emphasis is on the fact that we understand these [spaces] are actively to solve them.”

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