The price of beef the pendulum swings in favor of the farmer

  • The price of beef the pendulum swings in favor of the farmer
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    There are signs of positive movement in the factory this week.

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There are signs of positive movement in the factory this week.

It seems that the pendulum has begun to swing in favor of the farmer. I have last week hints that the numbers may be tightened, when reports reached me that some less conformation to sell the shares provided, is essentially flat price when they managed to put a floor under their P grade Bullocks. The floor is made up 3.70/kg.

Best prices for Bullocks and heifers moved 5C/kg on the top end, I mean in the speculation of cattle. It left prices for Taurus yesterday morning, floating between €3.90-3.95/kg, with heifers as a whole at €4.05/kg.

However, I also received information that those with Hereford and Angus Bulls for sale was quoted as low as €3.85/kg, with lines rolled when I was asked the following questions: “you will not be good, I’m sure not in a 10C/kg bonus.”

No, you’re not right, because getting your Calves class bonus can be a complex equation.

If they do not do a qualitative evaluation to receive the bonus, your neighbor, with its friezes on the basis of €3.90/kg and no bonus of 5C/kg better.

In ICMSA Palace Morrison continues to keep a close eye on the culled cow prices.

“Good quality R And u grade cows increased last week by 10C/kg to €3.40-3.60/kg”, – he said.

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Morrison claimed that the agents he spoke, though not too keen on the worst qualities seem to be in accordance with the instruction not to leave anything of quality and cover for them.

This is good news for the suckling men.

And while de correct that the plants are not interested in lower quality, those that have a smaller conformation of cows with the cap this week to see what their price will also rise by 10 cents/kg.

In the General class of the cow at €3.60-3.50/kg, RS €3.40, about the classes is €3.20-3.25/kg, while the P+ edge to animals €3.00/kg with a lower SS back to €2.80-2.70/kg.

Bull prices

Last week the underlying price spread under 16 month Bulls €3.85-3.90/kg, it seemed, was on the verge replaced with a €3.90-4.00/kg yesterday morning.

Under 24 month old bulls see the range of prices at €4.00-4.05/kg for U grades and back €3.80-3.85/kg for classes, with the RS making €3.90-3.95/kg.

The other figure percent last week kill which was 30,482. It looks very good for short weeks due to holiday, so this week’s figure will give a more accurate figure as to the trend.

Chairman of the IFA beef Angus woods said cattle prices stable this week, with Bulls making from €3.90/kg and heifers for 4 euros/kg, as the base price. He said that the reduction in supply leaving farmers in a stronger position to discuss the proposals of higher prices particularly in the speculation of cattle.

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