The names of Barbasol Onion labs its creative Agency of record

Brand shaving Barbasol chose the contents of the Studio bulbs, Onion labs, the creative Agency of record.

The first campaign, onion labs for Barbasol launched earlier this month. The campaign which promotes expansion of the brand in the razor, will run across broadcast, digital and radio. Place of broadcasting calls the extension a “no brainer”, comparing it with hand signals in baseball.

Total onion labs Manager Julie Scott stated that the Agency has “long believed” that “the true basis of any first-World economy” is advertising.

“That’s why we have introduced this most sacred arena and we can help brands to stand out by introducing a smart, comedic approach in all that we do,” she continued. “Our partners at Barbasol let’s play evidence such brand, as their expansion on the razor that allows you to create smart content—not just what audiences want to see and interact with them.”

Barbasol selected GSD&M as its Agency in August 2012. It is unclear exactly when the brand ceased cooperation with the Agency.

“Our latest marketing efforts with Onion labs to help support the obvious evolution in the razor for the brand Barbasol, and we wanted to tell this story in a fun and engaging way,” said John price, President of Barbasol’s parent company Perio Inc. “Feedback on our new range of products was very positive and we are very happy to share our story with more consumers in this new campaign.”

Choice of onion labs’ in a time when studios Content publishers an attractive alternative for advertisers. The store is not the only Publisher-a subsidiary of creative Content Studio to win AOR assignments in the last months. The cornerstone of the Faders launched his first campaign for major League soccer in February after he was named new Agency of the League record.

Barbasol spent more than $5.2 million on measured media in the U.S. last year totaled about $2.1 million in 2016, according to Kantar Media.

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