The farmer becomes a terrible phone call from the Department

  • The farmer becomes a terrible phone call from the Department
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    As schools re-opened, we suddenly realize, summer is over and autumn is upon us.

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As schools re-opened, we suddenly realize, summer is over and autumn is upon us.

But grass growth is absolutely flying for the last four weeks it feels like we are still very much in the summer. We had a lot of rain in this part of the country over the past two weeks, but, fortunately, ground conditions are still very good.

30 acres third cut silage is doing very well. I tested two samples of grass last week. They were both by 2pcs and Sugars have been between 100-150mg/l of nitrogen. It is six weeks since it was sown and I decided to bale some of them last week. All instrumentation should be painted on the road to the farm.

It will be easier to handle bales in stages, not all at one time. As always, the weather will determine the plans.

About three weeks ago I got a call from the Department of agriculture telling me that they limit me.

The basis was that the cow, which I sold in April for March showed lesions after the massacre. The vet could not confirm what the damage was.

This is one of those phone calls every farmer is afraid and, unfortunately, Monaghan farmers were given a lot of them lately.

It is so frustrating that after so much money was spent TB control that he may again break out so rapidly. I know a lot of fellow farmers who are closed and deeply upset.

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Something meaningful must be done to control all diseases. For me it means I can’t sell or buy any animal until tested and clear.

The first job I had to do, in the house of the nine Calves that were Hereford and Angus cross.

I was expecting to sell them with grass, as in the past year, but this did not happen. I weighed them and they ranged from 500kgs to 590kgs except the one at 415kgs. They have gained 1 kg/day since birth. They are on silage and 6kgs meal of the day and increasing food every day, around 12kgs. The following decision is to keep them for silage or go to the straw and plenty of food.

The growth of grass is still fine. After the measurement last week, some paddocks have been growing 88 kg/DM/ha/day. Cover farm now on 1122 kgDM/ha. Cover /LU is located in 301 kgDM. Cows kept on 3.73 Lu/ha Paddock of nearly four acres remain as it was persiano.

76 cows produce 20.1 liters of milk fat 4.10 PC 3.40 PCs protein yields of 1.52 kg milk solids/cow/day, lactose 4.74 PC, TBC 5000, TPS 90 and 100 baths. Cows are 3 kg in 16pc of feed protein.

At our last group meeting we had a debate with Joe Patton with the Committee that the farm cover should be at this time of year.

He counted around 650 would be enough to build up to 1,100 by the end of September. My cover long before this goal. Now it’s too late to take the paddock. I feel that cows eat a lot of grass now and I’m quite pleased with the clean-outs. I’m pretty sure I can handle the cover. My milking Platform will not change only for re-seeding if and when it comes.


Re-filling is going well. Three acres made on August 13. The grass seed mixture used for this was Aberplentiful, Aberbite, Glenroyal, Drumbo and white clover.

In the next month I will apply another 27 units of N and closely monitor the weeds. Field I reseeded last year broke over the docks, using Clovermax. Clover survived well and the docks are gone for a while.

Due to the humid weather in autumn and early spring wet I never got the bushes trimmed. Some shrubs were so heavy that the fields are not drying properly.

Last week I hired a Contractor with a Hymac and hedge mower. Mail has done a great job on heavy hedges and trees do. It has great coverage. I’m trying to rest as soon as possible trimmed shrubs.

I don’t Tullamore show, as we were in Croke Park to support the team in Monaghan Ireland semi-final, but alas it was not to be.

We did this to show Virginia and it was great to attend the day Monaghan was born and raised a cow won the title of Baileys. We also went on a break for a couple of days and they were very happy.

As I said before this country has a lot to offer when the weather is nice. Another output can be compressed for ploughing.

Gerard Sherlock farm in Tydavnet, County Monaghan

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