The cover repeats the portrait, created by AI, and … it’s something

The portrait on the new cover of Bloomberg BusinessWeek was created using artificial intelligence. Do.

Robbie Barr taught computers how to paint and experimented with different types of drawings (of which you can see on his Twitter account). The software took more than two weeks to paint portraits, which were featured on the cover 21 issue of businessweek in may. In the room: a few stories about mA and articles about AI as writers, the history of AI and driverless cars.

Bloomberg is not the only publication using technology to have some fun with it with a lid.

The editors of GQ and use technology to change the cover of their Comedy issue. “Mistakes were made,” the editors of GQ said in jest of the case, which saw extra limbs that were on the floor and in awkward. It was a not-so-subtle jab at vanity fair, who made a couple of mistakes edit its Hollywood cover at the beginning of this year, making it appear that Reese Witherspoon had three legs and three arms of Oprah Winfrey.

“Hands down best Comedy of our problems ever!,” reads the cover of GQ in it.

The better question is this Bloomberg? Weigh-in:

What do you think of Bloomberg AI cover?

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