Thank Hemperor, Aristocratic talisman new Belgium ‘Freaky Ale in the world’

In Hemperor is totally insensitive, Regal-dude with a green crown, a necklace and a bushy mustache. He is the very definition of a benevolent ruler, presiding in a magical realm filled with furry woodland creatures, a talking sun and chilly beer in the world.

Book your first flight in this trip, you say? What better way to use all that banked vacation?

Now you will have to settle for the eponymous product he’s Hawking, year-round craft Beers from New Belgium brewing, which has a “strong olfactory” shock that their fragrance fills the room, says Shaun Belongie, Brenda, Vice President of marketing.

It is made from hops and hemp and is classified as “hemp pale ale,” the intention of its brewmasters to smell “loud pack weed.”

“Don’t open it around corporate chieftains,” Belongie advises.

Although it has no psychoactive properties (any noise could come instead from its 7 percent alcohol), a recipe inspired by his advertising, which deliberately borrows heavily from Stoner culture, Belongie says, “catch the spirit of this world in such a way that people will find fun.”

Animation from the Agency Erich & Kallmann, have deliberately crafts with shades of Monty Python and the Teletubbies (the sun comes to life!), “whimsical charm” and a lot of Easter eggs, said Belongie.

The audience will learn something about the Hemperor from the campaign: it certainly breathes, loves his supply, fuels his creativity and pining for his ex. (It’s still in you, Jennifer.)

San Francisco-the Agency that recently hired a real Belgian will advertise the brand supplies thick Belgian white, created a character and his illustrations, which, in turn, named product, which has been two years in the making.

“We feel that we have a unique, one-of-a-kind beer on our hands, which provides a full sensory experience,” he said, noting that this campaign seeks to keep it from “getting lost in a sea of 10,000 India pale Ale. For a second or two, it needs to grab people and ask them, – what is it? I need to know more’”.

For a capsule review, men’s journal says, “the taste, not as sharp as the smell,” and that it “makes for a light spring drink”.

New Belgium, the nation’s fourth-largest brewery, had to run the gauntlet of the legal moonshine market and Hemperor. Federal guidelines restrict certain parts of the plant cannabis as an ingredient of beer. (How to get around, it only uses hemp hearts, which are legal).

As a result of its long road to production, the brand became an advocate for industrial hemp, working with Willie Nelson MS ink. to support and donate in the lobby of cannabis.

The 30-second ads debut next week on digital and social platforms as beer becomes available at the national level, but there is no TV to buy because of restrictions on cannabis advertising. By the way, you won’t find beer on the shelves in Kansas, where it is banned because hemp is classified as a drug.

Full-page ad in “rolling stone,” where will the purchase of new journal of digital channels cannabis. Brand in the creative team released a mini-documentary about raising a beer to the end and billboards with the slogan “dank AF. The strong Ale in the world. Legally brewed with Colorado hemp”.


Client – New Belgium Brewing
Vice President, marketing – Shaun Belongie

Agency – Erich & Kallmann
Creative Director – Eric Kallmann
Art Director – Jason Goldberg
Copy Writer – Mike Cardamom
Producer – Marco Vidalis
Account Director – Julie Pfleger

Production – 1st Avenue machine
Director – Samuel
Executive Producer – Isabella Ward
Producer Mike Capon

Mix/Sound – Barking Owl
Audio Engineer – Patrick Navarre
EP – Damian Bayett
CD – Kelly Bayett
Producer – Ashley Benton

Music – Oil
EP – Anick Mayer
Manufacturer of Stone IRR

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