TD Ameritrade and havas placed an ad on the blockchain

At the end of last week, TD Ameritrade planted—well, technically, the built-in flag, when they created what they said was the first ad that is inserted into the bitcoin blockchain.

The ad, which appears on its own page of a landing, is made with ASCII art and consists of 68 different transactions on the blockchain technology, which operates as a public, immutable digital register for registering transactions. Each line is part of an image with letters and numbers written in part of the function called OP_Return in the blockchain, which allows small section of the text, “as the memo space on the check,” said Havas creative Director of New York Peter cut means.

Unlike advertising on Google or Facebook, TD Ameritrade really don’t care and no one saw his ad—made with 23.15 $transactions in the blockchain. (In the end, it appears on its own microsite, but not other content.) According to Hawass, new York CCO Harry Bernstein, flag blockchain is an exclusive sneaker with the appeal is aimed at people who could already assess the blockchain of humor.

Each row links to more detailed information about the transaction and because of the immutable nature of the blockchain can not be erased, an announcement to Make permanent. If you call it an ad, a trick or a subconscious place, crypto-encrypted message is the same: TD Ameritrade wants to be known as a pioneer of cryptocurrency.

“If the TDA in this culture money is obviously a huge part of this culture,” said Bernstein. “Because we can do something interesting and innovative in this space? And this is a perfect example.”

This is not the first time TD Ameritrade boasted of being a pioneer with the blockchain. According TD Ameritrade CMO Denise Karkos, the company was the first to provide access to sales futures bitcoin, a digital currency, which helped to make the blockchain more common.

“This was a continuation of TD Ameritrade legacy first”, she said. “We were the first in the trade of mobile phone and online trading. He was such a good brand fit for us to say that we still have the first first ad in the blockchain”.

While some brands are beginning to experiment with how blockchain technology can affect the advertising industry through the blockchain with support for ad networks, some say it’s still too early for it to be fully functional. This is partly because it is slower than more traditional types of trading, such as direct and programmatic buys.

“If you really look at this map of the consumer journey to see how people participate,” said Bernstein, “it really is a blurry line right now, that value that he brings to our consumers.”

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