Stoli taps Composer Hans Zimmer, and cause the boldness with sonic campaign

Vodka makes everything a little louder, and the Table makes a bet that with his new Sonic campaign.

In cooperation with the Agency Fred and Farid, Stoli launched a new global advertising campaign featuring Oscar-winning composer Hans Zimmer and his colleague, Emmy nominated and BAFTA award, Lorne Balfe, and also nominated for “Oscar” operator Rachel Morrison. The place also features award-winning photographer Rankin and graphic designer Tyrsa.

The company hopes to convey its bold and original voice “loud and clear campaign.”

“There are so many jokes about stoli that is cool and iconic,” said Hugues Pietrini, global chief Executive officer, the Group of Stoli. “For this campaign the first step was to revise the brand and its positioning. We wanted to create something to disrupt the category.”

With the campaign, the drinks manufacturer is hoping to set itself apart from the heavily branded vodka products that have emerged in recent years.

“There are so many vodka brands and their new campaign revolves around new and from scratch,” said Pietrini. “The main message for us is manifest to give a voice to people who have a strong character and authenticity. We want to give a voice to real people, whether you’re a welder or DJ. We live these values.”

Work shoes as “the vodka is associated with the volume, because when you mix vodka with flavors, giving the amount that you drink,” said Fred Raillard, co-founder and CEO, Fred and Farid. “The campaign says be proud of what motivates You and claim it loud. This is a broad and inclusive campaign that allows us to identify interesting persons and to establish themselves in popular culture.”

Stoli group hopes to achieve at the age group, demography, and while every brand seems to be required to encourage the youth these days, Pietrini recognized, the company is unlikely to change millennial cultural thinking with an ad campaign.

“We should not say that we are the best,” said Pietrini. “People should know”.

The group table has the additional initiatives on the horizon to the end of the year. The brand recently launched a brand of tequila, Cenote, and plans to produce mezcal and gin by the end of the year, the report said.

Pietrini told Adweek that the Stoli and starts the LGBT target product in 2018 with a partner, which could be announced as early as next week. Stoli has faced some controversy in the past with gay bars are boycotting the brand for the anti-LGBT Russian policies in the U.S. and Canada. The company became the focus of social media attacks that invite the consumers to DumpStoli#.

Stoli has made a step to improve relations by releasing the letter fervently opposing the homophobic policies of Russia in 2013 and since then has worked on a number of initiatives, LGBT-friendly.

The company declined to comment further on LGBTQ-targeted product released this year.

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