Squeezed parents are pushing €200 contribution to schools

  • Squeezed parents are pushing €200 contribution to schools
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    Three quarters of primary school parents are asked to make a voluntary contribution to your child’s school, and in some cases a request for more than €200 per year, according to a recent poll.

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Three quarters of primary school parents are asked to make a voluntary contribution to your child’s school, and in some cases a request for more than €200 per year, according to a recent poll.

Although the Department of education provides that any such contributions should be voluntary, more than half of parents believe that they are forced to pay.

Detailed results of the survey will be presented at the meeting of the education Committee of Parliament, examining the pressure on both parents and schools as the new term gets under way.

Starting today, two days of Committee meetings will focus on the school building, green areas, schools, after-school staff and resources and costs for parents.

The Chairman of the Committee Fiona O’loughlin said that with the advent of the new academic year there is a need to focus on improving education in the state.

“All parties agree that we can and must do more as a society. The Committee will seek to find solutions and directions of necessary reforms”, – she said.

Nearly 20 organizations were invited to make presentations and answer questions, including government departments, charities, parents ‘ organizations, government agencies, educational institution, organization leaders, teacher unions and private schools.

Among them, the national parents Council primary (NPC), which the preparations for the hearings included a recent survey of nearly 1,800 parents.

NPC CEO áine Lynch will tell the Committee that the results indicate “significant disparities in the funding of primary schools and the costs incurred in the provision of quality education for children.”

At the same time, increase the state Grant for the school for day-to-day operating expenditures are expected in the next budget, it remains to be seen how far this will go in reducing costs for parents.

The main results of the study were 76pc that parents are asked for a contribution to help school of Finance and 54pc of those who felt that there was pressure on them to pay it. Some 21pc of parents said they did not seek the contribution and 3pc said they did not know.

And 18pc said that the contribution was asked anonymously, 73pc said it was not an anonymous process and 9pc don’t know.

Voluntary contribution is the most frequently searched (37pc) were between €50-€100, and another 24pc asked for €100-€150. In 6 cases a request for €150-€200 and 9pc more than €200. 20pcs some parents have asked for less than €50 and 5pcs cases, the school did not specify the amount.

While 65pc parents were given information about how the money was spent, 38pc said they were not.

Where parents said, as a voluntary payment, it was often spent on school supplies, art supplies, Photocopying and other costs, including heating and electricity, rent books, swimming lessons and safety.

In addition to voluntary contribution, 83pc of parents said they were also requested to pay for expenses such as heating and electricity, minor repairs, lessons, art materials, bathing or Photocopying.

Nearly four in 10 parents (38pc) said, school is not necessary, 45pc said don’t know and 17pc said they did.

The proposed legislation on parental and student Charter will require schools to publish a financial report, which will include information on how to use any voluntary contributions.

A survey of NIP is the latest in a series on school expenses. Yesterday, the society of St. Vincent de Paul (SVP) said that this summer to increase 20pcs in ‘back to school’ help. According to SVP, the delay in processing the back to school clothing and footwear allowance the and put additional pressure on families with limited income.

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