Spotify’s creative action as the Brand has come up with his latest Witty work

Yesterday, Spotify rolled out its largest marketing campaign to date, highlighting the brand free, AD-Supported service. The campaign includes a series of great fake movie trailers with some inspiring music and another round of brilliant, witty, out-of-home marketing, all invented in-house creative team at Spotify.

Adweek caught up with global Spotify REK Alex Bodman to discuss recent work, the inspiration for “love what you love campaign” and why out-of-home advertising continues to be an important part of the marketing mix of the brand.

Adweek: tell me a little bit about why Spotify has made this a major marketing campaign around its free streaming service?
Bodman: about three or four weeks ago, we held a press conference to announce an update of free level and all the upgrades. It was many months and years to bring this information to our users and customers, so it was important this year that we had a large marketing campaign in order to raise awareness for the new proposal. Even just for the realization that Spotify can be free. I think that some people still imagine that we have our premium offer of $9.99 and a free trial, it’s not a product, but a product that you can enjoy forever.

It is a Platform that was created to create a great experience for free. People can update, but it’s not waiting. As we understand, was to make it truly secure and to get people to understand that value is, [letting] people know that a compromise is to listen to random ads, they will understand why it’s free. So we really trust.

Having identified this, we have to know where to start. We wanted to talk about the truth of music and the power of the platform. Our starting point is, oddly enough, was the product itself. You don’t just want to talk features and functionality, but one of the add-ons for free product this is a heart button that is the core of the user experience. Before we just ask people to save the song and put it on the playlist. Now you don’t even need to do that. You just need to [click] that heart button, and then we know you love this song, and it helps us to give You the best songs and games on this platform.

This is the first truly emotional functions we had, and the music is so emotional and so personal. We started there, and we thought that it is the experience of loving music? How can we—so this is true for our brand and our tone and in such a way that will resonate with our customers—a study of people’s attitudes towards music and how they love him? Work is different facets of this.

Let’s talk a little more about those two trailers. Where did the idea come from?
[In] the trailer of action is really what we were diving there was true malice. Sometimes, people may not expect that you like a certain song. … No matter how cool you look, maybe, wrecking ball breaks you down every time, and all your objections will disappear. For most of us, at different times in our lives that was true. We wanted to find the funny side to bring this understanding to life, and that’s what led to that specific trailer.

[W]e, too, had this understanding that addictive song that even if you feel like it’s driving you crazy every time you hear it, are you happy to hear it. You can’t resist playing it again and again. For many of us in the office recently that was in Havana. He’s always on the radio, but are always happy when we hear it. We thought that this would be the perfect song to dramatize the horror genre.

About out-of-home ads? As Dating apps to inspire this round outdoor work?
We started with the idea of finding songs that you’ll love. [T]he way to help people discover a song or remember a song, people tell us that it is really effective and that they constantly discover new artists they love or they get their new Jam. Then we thought – imagine that Dating app may be as effective as we are in search of a song. … We thought we would have fun with it. That’s what match instantly songs. The beauty of that rush you feel when you find that perfect song.

Outdoor advertising to rely on a more ridiculous thought: no matter how fancy, or fussy, or like a weird or strange, we can find the right match for you.

How do you decide which artists are best suited for home, work?
We cooperate with most of the major artists to do a marketing campaign. We are a partner for the creators and labels in promoting their. When it comes to such a campaign, we start with the creative. Using examples from the trailers, we really just need to find the songs that we felt people would relate to.

With something like wrecking ball, which just stood for us, as a song that was everywhere. … It seemed right. We went, and luckily, the artist and the team loved the idea. Same thing with Havana: we just looked at the past 12 months and thought it was insanely catchy song that everyone likes?

[As for the house, I think we were both writers and just thinking about what lines the funniest [and] that will have broad appeal to the audience—they will know who the artist is and what song. It was a wide audience, we are looking for and then based on the lines, which feel sharp and witty, then go and see if the artist is interested in participating and develop.

From home sounds, it was a huge success area for Spotify recently. Can you relate its importance to the brand and will you continue to use this tool in the future?

From home has become a very powerful canvas for us … obviously, we’re going back to him because he works for us. [It] allows you to create a moment.

[Second,] when smartphones appeared, my first thought was: how are we going to advertise on mobile? What mobile banners are? What was that experience like? Of course, we still use these channels, but I don’t think anyone realized that smartphones will actually work from home in the society. It becomes very strong for us.

I think it was our campaign in 2016 [when] we showed the habits of the people listened at the end of the year. We were able to track over 600,000 social shares that the outdoor creative [people] photo, put it online, posting a photo that someone took. This is a very strong return on investment. That’s beyond that the outdoor offers us a means that You can not necessarily skip or refuse.

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