Snapchat introduced Snappables, AR-Superior Interactive lens

Snapchat on Wednesday announced a new type of augmented reality-enhanced interactive lens, Snappables, calling their first AR experience in the application of messaging.

Snappables will begin rolling out globally this week on iOS and Android. They will appear in the app lens carousel, and the new will dynamically appear as the other lenses. Snappables will be on the left side of the round capture button, while the world lenses face lenses will be on the right.

New lenses allow users to share experiences and to play AR games with your friends, and they can be controlled using touch, movement and facial expressions.

After Snappable is selected from a lens carousel, the on-screen instructions and friends can be invited to join. Snapchat said some Snappables “invite You to plunge into another world,” while others are more like games, where expressions and facial movements are used to play.

Friends can be invited a rock band or call emoticons dancing or playing basketball, as examples, and one the game uses a filter that makes the players on the tie rod, which can be removed by raising the actual eyebrows.

Snapchat users can challenge their friends to dance-offsSnapchat Snappables some more like games, where the expressions and movements of the face are used to playSnapchat

A Snapchat spokesperson said, “We see Snappables as only the beginning of a new type, convenience on snapchat. Until today, the lens was about transformerait your view or the world around you through the content. Snappables invite You to become part of another world, and sharing it with friends.”

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