Samantha McCaughren: Barrister MAG proves a boom in the title in Overdrive

  • Samantha McCaughren: Barrister MAG proves a boom in the title in Overdrive
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    Signs that the economy is roaring and approaching the levels of the Celtic Tiger aplomb and bonhomie as much as snuff at a Wake.

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Signs that the economy is roaring and approaching the levels of the Celtic Tiger aplomb and bonhomie as much as snuff at a Wake.

One need only look at the arrival of ivy – the famous London restaurant, which just opened its first international pub in Dublin to see that Ireland has, like, got their ‘inspiration’ Clicquot back.

Or that in a recent wedding in Adare manor developed by Greg Kavanagh, the self-proclaimed ‘Ronaldo of the real estate market, which English singer and songwriter Ellie Goulding serenades his new wife, Sheila Martin, for their big day. Golding, who recently announced her own engagement to her boyfriend of 18 months, Caspar Jopling, held in the framework of the two-day wedding festival dubbed Harry and Megan 2.0’.

Now that other economic crossroads, m learned friends in the library shall receive their quarterly magazine about healthy lifestyle.

The lawyer magazine is declared as “unique high-tech product with uncompromised distribution” offering a “unique opportunity” for any company wishing to advertise their products and services to targeted and committed audience, such as clothing, cars, legal and financial services, travel, watches, yachts and the like.

It boasts a “special emphasis on the needs of this important organ.” Do we need any more evidence that the boom in Overdrive?

A major American event tourism covers the Ardgillan Park

Last night saw the gathering of more than 2,500 American guests at a private event in Ardgillan Park in North Dublin. The event — organized by corporate expert of international tourism “Odyssey” — was billed as a “major international event” the owner of the Park, Fingal County Council. It was a final-day trip for a group of us.

The event demanded the closure of all 200 acres of public ownership on one of the busiest weekends of the year and saw the installation of a huge tent.

But local authorities said that the delivery of the Park will economically stimulate the area “on a global scale from the tourism and investment point of view of location”.

The proceeds from the event will go towards the construction of new toilets in the Park and trail legacy, he said. Regular users of the Park will closely watch, no doubt, to the generosity of an American invasion.

* * * * *

Now for Aryzta? The stock price was tanking with a stark realization in the market that the company will have to act quickly to deal with its capital structure. While CEO Kevin Toland and Chairman Gary Mcgann solve operational issues, its debt levels are now to occupy a Central place. As it turned out, last weekend on these pages, Fitch is not amused by the manoeuvres on the French subsidiary picard who saw him to borrow more money to pay dividends to the shareholders of Aryzta and Lion capital. Aryzta needed extra cash to keep below the Bank covenants.

Highly respected Mcgann was seen as a new broom in Aryzta, when he joined in 2016, but there are caveats. Proxy adviser institutional services shareholder, which provides recommendations for investors, attracted by the load Mcgann in his role as Chairman of paddy power, Betfair and some other Board roles because of employment. Stocks fell at the bookmaker last week after the company lowered guidance for the rest of the year. In addition, he will have his hands full.

The marketing power cuts in the growth of sales in Domino

The sun was great news for cider producers C&C, and ice cream with sunblock and manufacturers.

The food in the fresh air also had a great summer, not such good news for Dominos, takeaway pizza company, which last week said that growth in Irish sales were slower than expected.

The announcement of the stock exchange also accused of marketing campaigns in Ireland that have a negative influence on growth.

Apparently, the campaign here in the beginning of the year — known as the “double” — the result of the perception by the consumer of the cost of the damage. The company closely monitors its campaigns affect buying patterns and was quick to identify problems with the campaign.

However, last week the company said that the perception of the value of “not yet recovered”, a clear indication of how low the Irish market for a house right now.

However, there were a lot of good news for pizza companies, whose Irish franchise is controlled by Northern Ireland businessmen Charles and Adrian Caldwell. He opened his 50th store in ringsend, Dublin, and plans to open 25 more here.

* * * * *

A shuttered, run down building on the street South-big George in Dublin, where it once housed the store Dockrell and more recently, elite Indian restaurant jaipur, must be converted into a 100-bedroom hotel. Plan Grosam properties, owned by mark O’brien and Dave Kelleher Warren Private, includes a restaurant and three retail units.

In the view of Bord failte continued its support scheme planned hotels in the city, but there was objection from members of the public, who argued that instead to manage the territory, this plan will actually have the opposite effect.

Strategists do not agree. “In conclusion, the application site is currently vacant building which is in poor condition and detracts from the character of the South city Retail quarter architectural conservation,” said the Council, which approved the use of the hotel last Friday.

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