Revlon names Debra G. Perelman as its first female CEO

Revlon called Debra G. Perelman, a former coo, first female CEO and President. Perelman, daughter of billionaire Ronald O. Perelman, who owns 80 percent of Revlon through investments of the company and macandrews & Forbes. Ms. Perlman has over 20 years of experience in the company.

Prior to that, Ms. Perelman served in the role of the whole conglomerate of the beauty business, including Finance, distribution and sales, international marketing.

She was actively involved in the digital evolution of Revlon, which includes the formation of data and analysis group, and the establishment of the critical infrastructure of the brand e-Commerce business. Ms. Perelman is also a member of the senior management team and macandrews & Forbes.

“Revlon is the brand, the first–the first to match the lips and fingertips, first inclusive, first to develop color stay technology and the first brand that embodies the empowerment of women in the beauty industry,” said senior President Perelman in a statement. “From a global point of view, Debbie, financial literacy and a holistic approach to brands, consumers and technology will help the company to regain its leading position”.

Mr. Perelman to acquire Revlon in 1985.

In her role as President and CEO, Ms. Perelman will be focused on the consumer and the angle of the customer, and continued to drive Revlon e-Commerce business. She will also be responsible for Revlon’s efforts to continue innovating through technology.

“Beauty has become one of the most dynamic and growing industries, and I look forward to working with Revlon is a world-class team to strengthen our strategy and accelerate growth,” Ms. Perelman said in a statement. “I intend to manage the company to compete and thrive in today’s dynamic environment and encourage a talented team and entrepreneurial spirit, agility and daring creativity.”

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