Reddit Taps Former Time Inc. Chief Operating officer, as its new COO

Reddit has hired former time Inc. exec as its new chief operating officer.

Jen Wong, who joined today on reddit, was chief operating officer and President, digital from 2016 until leaving the company earlier this year after it was acquired by the publishing conglomerate Meredith ink. To time ink. Wong spent four years as Director for business website popsugar after a short time at AOL.

In his new role, Wong will oversee a number of departments, including sales, business development, marketing, Finance and operations. Wong, who described himself as an avid user of the platform, she said she wants to raise their current monthly users and 330 million to 1 billion.

“From play to politics, to parenting, to learn about insurance, the quality of the responses and to feed the people helping you are amazing,” she said. “And I think that’s a very, very differentiated for users and for marketers and for many different constituencies [such as] for publishers and marketers”.

Currently, advertising is a big part of the company’s revenue. However, advertisers and publishers are sometimes wary of the platform. Is that Wong hopes to change that, as it continues efforts to increase the visibility of Reddit with advertisers through branded content and advertising channels, and also to clear his reputation trolls. Earlier this month, during hearings in Congress about the Facebook Analytics Cambridge, on reddit said that he removed almost 1,000 accounts on the platform with ties to Russia-linked agencies and Internet research.

Wong, who was credited with helping to grow revenues and readers ‘ time is entering an era of change for reddit. Last autumn the company announced its first major redesign, with plans to introduce it this year. Wong said that she thinks there is a place for “wide range” of companies that want to work with reddit—using data, hot topics and original content.

Reddit may also have competition for her to vote and voting. Over the past few months Facebook is testing a similar feature. Wong said that Reddit differently than Facebook, adding that it is “incredible source material for so many different components”.

“That’s how I saw it from the other side,” she said. “And that’s why I got excited about reddit when I first started in time. Reddit was one of the first partners and companies that I called, when I joined time because I always thought it was important.”

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