Recipe for George Washington’s beer was inspired by the latest Budweiser Patriotic Premium moonshine

Budweiser uses another old recipe to create a new brew. As Budweiser reserve to cancel the 1933, the company dug up an old recipe from 1757, this time it’s one of George Washington—to create a “Budweiser” reserve liberty Red Lager.

The new lager features molasses in the recipe, a nod to the mixture of Washington, as well as domestic packing of Jones Knowles Ritchie.

“We believe that the 140-year history of the brand and its relationship with our country not only allows you to [create] an incredible lager, but also will bring incredible lager with a taste of history, inspired by the original recipe from George Washington,” explained Ricardo Marquez, Vice-President of marketing “Budweiser”.

Marquez continued: “this [recipe] was found in his military journal. One of the ingredients that we took from this recipe molasses, which you will find in this beer. We think it is a wonderful story not only to consider the case, but the connection in the country.”

Digital, social and television work from VaynerMedia to advertise a new drink will be launched in the coming weeks. Washington—to understand the actor who plays Washington does not make an appearance in place, according to Marquez, who said, “the star of the new place is the beer itself”.

The beer was made of veterans, who occupies a prominent place on the packaging of the beer through the labels on the bottles and packages. Part of the proceeds will go to veterans through the nonprofit folds of honor which provides scholarships to military families. To date, the company has allocated $ 14 million to the folds of honor, according to the company.

“Call Budweiser partner would be an understatement—they are considered family to us and 3,000 families their donations help to support,” said major Dan Rooney, founder and CEO of the folds of honor, in a statement. “The sanctuary of liberty is a testimony to their unwavering dedication and compassion for our armed forces, and we welcome them.”

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