Profit jump in the leading Northern firm birds

  • Profit jump in the leading Northern firm birds
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    The largest companies in Northern Ireland were seen to increase their profits almost 80pc of 12 months.

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The largest companies in Northern Ireland were seen to increase their profits almost 80pc of 12 months.

It’s 2018 Top 100 companies from the trade magazine ‘the Ulster business.

Ahead was the ARMA-poultry producer Moy Park, which reported turnover of £1.4 billion (€1.57 billion) for the 12 months.

This is the seventh year in a row that the largest of the Northern private sector topped the list.

Park my handles more than 280 million birds per year, in addition to producing about 200 000 tons of products per year.

He saw its profits increase to £last year to 59.7 m (€66.9 m) from € 35.7 m in the previous year.

Chris kirk, President Park mine, said it was a “big man” in the business, which made it the successful company it is today.

“It’s our talented team and our focus is on expanding the operations of our services, which will ensure that we can continue to innovate, thrive and grow,” said Mr. kirk.

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Overall, the trade turnover between the Ulster business Top 100 – for 30 years – has increased by about 9pc, rising to £23.85 bn from £21.88 billion, when comparing the accounts of the company for the year.

Pre-tax profits for the 100 companies list increased by 79pc, up to £924.9 m from € 517,5 million in the previous year.

One of the biggest jumps on the list were from the construction of the Graham.

For the 12-month period, the company saw its sales will grow by more than £200 million to £ 759m.

“This year’s Top 100 list of companies is another good example of the strength of the business landscape in Northern Ireland, opposite sectors,” John Mulgrew, Ulster business editor, said.

“Most of the results of the company for the continuing stalemate, with the absence of transferred government in Northern Ireland, which makes a huge jump in profit and turnover, even more impressive.”

There are more than a dozen new members to the list this year, right across the spectrum of business activities including the Belfast technology firm kainos and Mac interiors, which is based in Newry.

The Ulster business Top 100 edition welcomed Michael nill, head of a&L Goodbody in Belfast, who sponsored the list.

“We were inspired by their drive, determination and resilience, and in Northern Ireland PLC,” Mr Neill said. “We are very happy to see their businesses flourish over the next 12 months.”

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