Pop hopes that its linearly-loving audience will help with this noise in advance

As linear ratings continue to fall across the industry, Pop network is rolling out in the open with an intriguing offer for buyers: one-third of its audience is watching more linear TV than ever before.

Much of this extra TV viewing happens on Pop itself, which has now seen five years of continuous growth in total viewers. In the last quarter, its target audience is women 25-54 saw a year-over-year growth of 13 percent in total day ratings in adults 25-54, the demo jumped 8 percent in total day.

The company is in the midst of the 250 meetings with clients and agencies on industry to submit their initial slate, and also sharing the results of segmentation and Ethnography the study Pop-audience—fun-loving viewers in their 30s and 40s which the network calls “adult contemporary”—is miner and To. Studio. “We spent a lot of money to know our audience better than ever before, and advertisers can use this knowledge,” said Pop President brad Schwartz.

Is the Pop audience into three groups: mod moms (who are heads of their homes and watch TV as family time), Modernistas (who is one to spend money on travel and watching television as “me time”, what makes them happy) and the modern companions (who is connected, and love to find new series and recommending them to friends).

All of them, however, unites “is the desire for nostalgia and fun, and familiarity,” said Schwartz, which is why Pop focuses on exhibitions“, which are a new look at what you are already familiar with” and the alternative “dark things “” on other networks, and in the world.” He was saying strange things and glow, both of which are on Netflix, absolutely in the wheelhouse of the priest.

When the Pop network rebranded from “TV guide” in 2015, the network is focused exclusively on linear, but gradually increasing its digital platform. It’s upfront the network, which is jointly owned by CBS and lionsgate, has tapped a proven sales resources in all their digital platforms for the first time.

Schwartz hopes to expand the partnership network of digital brands for several of its shows—like Hollywood Pets (which returned last week for season 2) and scary mommy—to create digital content in the show, the cast, which then can be sponsored by brands.

As it builds up its original slate, Pop now has a premium original Content on the air every month.This summer will see the return of big brother after dark, his older brother afterparty, as well as Season 2 of the Swedish Dix, on private detectives solving minor cases in Los Angeles, Keanu Reeves who starred in several episodes last season, will return for eight of the 10 episodes.

These shows will be combined by clicking the first attempt Pop in a soap drama on the script to complement the slate of syndicated shows like “Beverly hills 90210” and Dawson’s Creek. Bi-bi-si co-production is about College students involved in a clique of girls interning for a corrupt Corporation; 2 season has already been ordered and will air in early 2019.

Season 2 of wolf Creek, on the basis of a horror movie about a serial killer at work in the Australian Outback, back in October. And pop will broadcast the holiday episode of his top-rating TV series, Comedy Schitt Creek in December in anticipation of the fifth season of the show, which will premiere in January.

Also making its debut early next year, Flack, a dark Comedy about celebrity public relations “scandal meets Shameless and ray Donovan,”said Schwartz starring Anna Paquin as a publicist in London.

Slate development of pop, which includes a few spins on familiar shows, headlined by demons, Dorian Gunn, who said Schwartz experimental Pop’s most expensive ever. A show about a new York socialite (search team Geoffrey Self) who learns that he is from an ancient clan of demon hunters and must save the world, is “a contemporary Buffy,” said Schwartz.

Again, Pop offers brands opportunities to create branded Content with her throws. “You can always work with us much cheaper, much better entry point,” said Schwartz, who pointed to the humorous site of the United States with a cast out and Lysol the place with the cast of Schitt Creek. “At the same time is shown in the show, it just feels like content, so no scroll”, – he said.

As Schwartz plays up momentum ahead of his father, he realizes that the future of his network is more uncertain, if a parent company CBS completes merger with viacom.

“It’s not lost on us that we now CBS’ only nationally distributed, General entertainment cable channel, and it is really a good place to be,” Schwartz said. “But there can only be a day, when they have 20 channels. We must find out what this means to us. But, as of now, we just have to continue to do what we do. We love the brand we are building”.

And so, owners priest. “The fact that we are constantly growing and our price range is up to 40 percent, now I think it’s going to be a strong upfront for us,” Schwartz said.

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