Podcasts bi-Bi-si will show ads to international listeners

*Ding* international listeners, you will hear ads on podcasts Bi-bi-si.

To make it crystal clear to listeners, a bell will let you know when it will happen, and it will not read the host, said Mary Hockaday, controller of world service bi-Bi-si English.

Some bi-Bi-si brands and platforms such as BBC.com and BBC World news, already offer ads, but the podcasts were a new market and to expand the format and offer advertising on said Hockaday.

This is a first for international advertising, but You will not hear them in the UK, where government regulation prevents them.

“We thought it was a very appropriate way to support what we do,” said Hockaday.

Bi-bi-si in conjunction with Brocili, international audio Platform offering software ads.

“I think bi-Bi-si is a long-term partner with us. It really defines us as a platform for publishers, General Director” has Abrasio Ross Adams said.

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