Photo: best quality animal to drive on rally price of cattle’

  • Photo: best quality animal to drive on rally price of cattle’
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    Last week saw the Mall continue recovery in prices that began two weeks ago. All average prices for both the calf and calf tables, and some of them quite significantly.

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Last week saw the Mall continue recovery in prices that began two weeks ago. All average prices for both the calf and calf tables, and some of them quite significantly.

The only exception was the upper quarter of the animal in the 300-399kg section bullock.

The most noticeable improvement came in the 500-599kg Department, Department of Commerce, which for almost the entire year has been a leading light for the price, but in the light of a 400-499kg.

In General, average prices rose 11C/kg or $ 44-55/HD, while the top quarter of the beast jumped 17c/kg, which is 68-85/BG.

11/8/2018 Carrigallen Mart Special Sale Themis Bulls
Lot # 562
Weight 510K
DOB 30/10/17
Breed chx
Sex Bull
Price €1155
Photo Brian Farrell

In General, the body of the table the average values increased from the 7-11S/kg, with 17c/kg in top quarter of best quality 400-499kg bullock the biggest leap in terms of quality / price in any of the sub-units.

These figures reflect the fact that all the leaders of the March I talked to last weekend told me that the biggest jumps in price is still in the best quality animals. A number of my mini-markets have comments of the managers said that the poor animals, whether ox or cow continues to be a challenging sale. And I have no doubt that they do.

11/8/2018 Carrigallen Mart Special Sale Themis Bulls
Lot # 561
Weight 515K
DOB 10/10/17
Breed chx
Sex Bull
Price €1265
Photo Brian Farrell

However, last week, returns to the ring indicate that both poor calf and heifer recently lost to recover some ground. Indeed, 18s/recovery kg among prices for those of worse quality of Bulls in the 300-399kg of the accounts division solely for the fact that the average prices in General in this section the pink 7C/kg.

The next big leap in prices for those who are poorer type taxis came to a section 600 kg+, where fewer animals rose 12C/kg, which is not unimportant €72/HD. 400-599kg, the poorer the type of Bulls rose 5-9c/kg or €30-45/BG.

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11/8/2018 Carrigallen Mart Special Sale Themis Bulls
Lot # 560
Weight 500kg
DOB 11/1/18
Breed chx
Sex Bull
Price €1220
Photo Brian Farrell

The motion on the table chick is not so dramatic, but still welcome. Section heifers that have seen the most action in price increase rates were on the 400-499kg Department, where the price increase was well-balanced quality units. The overall average increase amounted to 12C/kg, or from €48-60/HD, with the approach of prices to the upper and lower quarter finely balanced at 10C/kg, and 11C/kg, respectively.

The 300-399kg lolitas rose is just 3C/kg on average, while better conformation heifers in this weight was up to 9c/kg. 500-599kg section, the prices of these best animals in the same weight category remained unchanged at €2.31/kg, with the poor animals is improving at a modest €15-18/HD or 3C/kg, which will lead to an overall average prices remained unchanged at €2.04/kg.

11/8/2018 Carrigallen Mart Special Sale Themis Bulls
Lot # 559
420 kg Weight
DOB 14/1/18
Breed LMX
Sex Bull
Price €1165
Photo Brian Farrell

Three weeks ago I asked the question, as the first rains throughout Central and southern part of the country, whether trade Mart was like a coiled spring waiting to be released; last week, that the spring is unwound, a few.

Part of what has led to higher prices for March last week, due to the fact that prices at the factory leveled and are now starting to climb slightly. Another thing is that the number of cattle markets has also increased.

This allowed those who sold cattle over the dry period, the choice last week that was not enough, as sellers are held to wait for the sea weather to arrive.

Martz Roundup

1 Delvin

Thomas Potterton reported on a surprisingly good show of cattle given day of the year, plus a good show of buyers. In short, better bullock has been improved, while the ordinary shares were weaker. “Better a rose, maybe €30-40, but clearly the animal back, maybe €20,” said Thomas. Calves under 500 kg on average €1.70/kg on top of the €2.30/kg, and 500 kg on average €1.94/kg in the upper part of €2.18/kg. On the side of the heifer, 335-390кг Charolais made €1.80-2.14/kg, 400-500kg heifers at an average of €2.01/kg; Culled cows average of €1.45/kg 500kg Limousin top panel mounting €1.84/kg.

2 points

It was also a strong showing of cattle in quantitative terms. And as Delvin higher good was a good deal, but the poor animal was harder to buy. 300-400kg bullock average of €2.35/kg, with a 360kg Charolais the bell of €1,165 €3.24/kg. the Top section 400-500kg saw 430kg Charolais hit €3.09/kg, while the total average in this section was €2.24/kg 500kg+ Bulls average of €2.12/kg. On the side of the calf, up to 400kg average of €2.18/kg with the top call of €2.63/kg for Charolais 390кг. 400-500kg heifers average of €2.26 kilograms, which is heavier lots on average €2.25/kg.

3 headford

Prices saw the Bulls make up 1.18-2.68/kg, with heifers making €1.88-2.62/kg. That a high price per kg for Bullocks went in a party of three 367kg of Simmental cows and the heifer section, awards went to 385kg Limousin. On the side of Themis, heifers sold from €2.17-2.75/kg and Bulls ranged from €2.00-2.59/kg. Selects cows selling from €800-1,350/HD.

4 Ennis

With more farmers of the ring, the price of Themis heifers were reported as being improved by €20-30/HD. Among those who improved price heifer was a Charolais 265kg sold for €2.92/kg, three Limousins 328 kg to €2.60/kg and 400 kg, Charolais sold for €2.86/kg. Among the Bulls, prices are also cracks in the well with a 280kg Charolais top panel mounting of €3.19/kg. It was hard, but you put it on the Limousins, with 385kg, the applicant will come to €2.95 kg, and in making 335kg €3.00/kg.

5 Baltinglass

Rooms here last week, rose as buyers and sellers admit that the grass recovers, it’s time to move. Calf at side, approximate prices are included in the 495 kg for a Limousin €2.46/kg, 500kg Charolais €2.38/kg with two 420 kg 420 kg Charolais and Aberdeen Angus all €2.38/kg. On the side chick, you have a 525kg Limousin €2.17/kg, 400kg Aubrac €2.07/kg, and the second Aubrac 380 kg to €2.10/kg.

6 Ballinakill

National trend of good breeding to earn more, and less, rolls less continued here. Forward stock sold well, while the usual Friesian, Hereford and Angus types were difficult of sale. Heavy bullocks made €1.85-2.20/kg with forward types from £ 1.95-2.40/kg, while lighter store are sold for €2.00-2.65/kg. Themis the bulls from €2.00-2.65/kg, with dry cows selling in the €1.20-1.80/kg. range

7 Listowel

Barney O’connell noted that there were more people, and a lift in trade at its most recent sale. “He was here hard the last few weeks, but this purchase was better. There were more people, about, more, hands in the ring and better air about the place,” said Barney. Prices for “beautiful” 300kg heifers ranged from €1.80-1.90/kg, while trade in bullock, the majority of the best-Type Friesian, Aberdeen Angus and Hereford are sold from €1.65-1.90/kg. to Cull cows averaged overall from 75C/kg to €1.50/kg.

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