Overcoming problems related to cold email

Overcoming problems related to cold email

Overcoming problems related to cold email

Attracting customers from a cold approach can be quite difficult. We will show you how to overcome these problems and difficulties, so that you can easily purchase customers!

Overcoming problems related to cold email will help you build a successful business with cost effective marketing strategy.

As a cold email work?

Cold mailing is a tactic that specializiruetsya on sending relevant, personalized email messages to prospects that you have no contact with. It outbound sales tactic, which is popular and effective in recent times. While cold email includes processes and systems, successful cold approaches begin with thinking. Too many people go to the Avenue with the goal of closing the sale. Despite the fact that it is the ultimate goal, You must remember that your SEO services are a valuable solution to your customer’s problems may need to be addressed.

1. You’re reaching because you want to help this prospect/potential client to improve your SEO ranking, increase visibility, impact and enhance their sales.

● That’s why it’s so important to talk to your prospect, build relationships and understand their problems, before diving into the sale.

How to write a cold letter from beginning to end of tips:

1. Know who you write to (to find the responsible person!)

2. Before pursuing a prospect, you need to collect some background information. This information is usually on the sector of the potential customer and their needs

3. Set a certain number/s from your pool of prospect leads. Choose at least 3 names from your list, then e-stalk them. You can search for information and gather data like their skills, as they recommend people, as they recommend others, and job description. Find out their social media is good.

Where can I find potential customers/prospects?

Prospects can be found through Google (a company that has a web presence) or even in social networks. After determining the companies with whom you want to contact, you need to understand who is the master and decision maker. This will usually depend on the size of the company. In small business, the boss can also be the decision maker (the founder), but in large organizations, they tend to be separate (e.g., Boss = chief Executive officer/Director of marketing and DM = digital Marketer.) Simply put, the decision maker is the person who will contact you for your services and the instructions of the boss to choose wisely.

Often times, it can be difficult to reach people in a large organization. You will often run into the gatekeeper. The way to avoid this problem is to find e-mail to the chief and makes decisions.

How do I get in touch with my prospects?

I know it says ‘campaign cold email, but don’t limit yourself only to email. While Email is a great way to get in touch with others, very well communicating through social media works. These cold approaches. With each channel, it works a little differently (keep this in mind!)

How can we begin this relationship?

How can I get the conversation with the prospect? Although we offer SEO services and can not mention the improvement in ranking, there is a wide range of web issues, You can open the conversation with:

Guidelines ● /improvement on the website
Coding errors ● from the site
Problems ● hacking site
● Issues Of Indexing
● The lack of ranking in the search engines
Improvement ● target queries

Remember, there is no pitching involved just yet! Just as you don’t propose on the first date, don’t expect your customer to buy from you immediately. This is where 99.9% of people fail. Most people trying to immediately close and no conversation between the two sides. To build relationships and create conversation.

If you can find a way to add value by informing and educating your prospect on your competencies, you open the conversation on a positive note.

One approach, which works well for me includes:

● Identifying customer problems
● Instilling in them the problem
● Offering solutions that they can perform themselves
● Be happy to leave.

We don’t want:

● Send impersonal mass mailings (Mr/MS)
● Offer all services available
Attempt ● to close the deal as soon as possible
● Solve each problem

This leads to mistrust and pushes our perspectives further. It is clear that everything is a numbers game, every customer wants to feel like a number in the table.

Remember: people buy from those they can relate to. People make emotional buying decisions, which then try to rationalize.

Why cold approach at all difficult?

We have already discussed the importance of thinking. It is important to understand how your customer thought.

With cold approaches, your prospects may feel:

● Annoyed
● Confused
● Suspicious
● Evil
● Curious
● Interesting

Unfortunately, the reaction is mostly negative due to email spammers. In order to enter the conversation, we need to turn off the negative thoughts and feelings, lack of trust, so our prospects can engage in conversation with us.

How can we do it?

Tailoring our message by e-mail. Your prospects are people, and people buy from others they can relate to.

For example:

When I craft an email, I’m falling down all these important points about myself:
● My name is Gabriel
● I’m 39 years old – I am a father of 3 children
● I have a Colombian accent in my second language
● I’m in Australia
● I live in a small town with 739 people – far
● I specialize in SEO and marketing

The idea is to show your client who you are. It’s super important. Who are you, and your message must tie together. In contrast to foreign outsourcing SEO company, your message will be a stark contrast with the cookie-cutter, automatic mailings. Your specific and define who you are as a person, understanding and trust. Here, I also reveal its weaknesses. I often tell my clients that I’m a consultant, not Agency, and therefore cannot perform all possible tasks. That is why my clients are very precise and fall into a niche.

After I imagine, what do I do?

As the prospect understands who I am, I provide value through my experience. It is important to educate the prospect, not destroying them in the process. (Not to say that their website sucks and you can help them – their wives could be the reason that website!) I recommend cooperation related to the prospect of finding something you have in common.

Why are you contacting them? Why do you think that you need to connect?

Then I provide them with greater value through:

● To identify very clearly a problem
● Explain why this problem exists
● How you or someone else can solve this issue

Allowing them to solve the problem by building a lot of trust! in many cases, they have someone already to solve these problems for them.

Finally, at the end of the letter there is a call to action.

It is perfectly normal to ask for interest. You’re not pitching! You’re just asking whether it’s okay to continue the conversation elsewhere.

Note: this message must not be very long. To make it short and concise.

With this approach, I suggest to start sending 10 to 15 emails a day. These letters are not intended for mass reach and ease of automation, but rather a more personalized and tailored to the people you would like to enter conversations.

What can I offer my prospects?

After your prospects interested and engaged, you can provide additional value to showcase yourself as the expert in this area. It involves creating your curiosity or instilling fear.

How can I arouse curiosity?
We can provide:

Note: make sure you measure key performance indicators

● How many emails You send a day
The Initial Rate ●
● Clicks
● The Course To Answer
Speed ● Whether

It is very important that you go through all these steps. You need to create and create a connection between the prospect. Not all prospects will behave the same way.

What to avoid!

When you receive a cold email you’re probably thinking…. another guy trying to sell me something.

We want to avoid:

● This annoying guy in sales
● Being on the list gets spam
● Gaining zero trust from potential customers
● Sound like a foreign SEO outsourcers

We can avoid all this by creating “interest” by creating a unique approach.
Interesting ways to attract attention include:

● Send the video via email
● Super funny
● Never saw the letters the style (be creative!)
● Amazing deals (no brainer – no risk, great importance, crazy offer)

Note: if You can’t deliver, don’t do crazy deals!

How to remove scrapped the contacts list

Scratch on the contact list is a file that contains a large amount of contact data collected in the software. This is a faster approach to finding contacts for cold emails.

Here’s an example:


As you can see, there are empty spaces in the list. The first and last section name is also not properly specified. You have some cleaning up to do here. Here are the following steps to clean up the scrapping of the contact list.

Step 1:

● Check domains. Make sure that all sites work.
● Avoid sites with FF. domain suffix:
○ .gov – government organizations
○ .educational
○ .org – organization/charity
○ Also, avoid sites that contain adult content (e.g. pornography)

Step 2:

● Make sure that the company name (name of site) – this is correct

Step 3:

To check the most important details

● Name
● Name
● E-mail

Sometimes the full name in the name section. All you need to do is to separate them. If there is no name and e-mail, follow the steps in ‘How to find the contact information for cold emailing’.

Note: make sure that the letters as close as possible to the person’s Name as possible. For example, Email of Linda Hammond is linda@quayeyeware.com.au. When you write to her using this address, it will get it right.

If the letter begins with information support@ hi@@ sale@, this is a General letter. This may mean that many people who have been appointed by email jobs will be able to get it. There is a big chance that your message will be ignored. Therefore, if the letter is of a General nature, use the step 7 “How to find the contact information for cold emailing”.

Step 4:

● To fix the format for the telephone section. As a rule, charged to provide this format.
● Here’s how to fix it:
○ – Tel:+1-914-9845169—K— (888) 644 7795
○ +1 means 0
○ Remember to use only 1 phone number.

Step 5:

Method to check if email address is valid or not to use a confirmation email at:

● https://neverbounce.com/
● http://www.mailboxvalidator.com/

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