Ode to Facebook in connection with addresses, as mounting privacy issues and clickbait

Facebook has problems brand. This has been brewing for many years—and, judging by the company’s new brand campaign, one of the largest to date, he knows (or the creative team, the factory knows) these issues don’t begin and end with Cambridge Analytics scandal.

The company expects to start all over again. New campaign wants you to believe that Facebook may come back to be a Platform primarily for friends who share explicit pictures, messages, invitations platform with the sole mission of communication. Don’t you want to connect with someone? To do it on Facebook.

It’s a smart move. People need communication, but if you are going to use the Internet to do this, you could also use one of the largest networks for this, or so the thinking may go.

Of course, the creative team is not naive. They know that people are not going to move past the issues of privacy and data protection, link-bait, fake news and all the other problems that pervade this platform in recent years. This campaign, especially outside the home, working, trying to solve that with the message that the company is working hard to fix what went wrong.

But in fact, Facebook hit the reset without examining what went wrong, who is responsible and transparent way of fixing these issues? While a new brand campaign—and Zuckerberg’s Congress testimony—of course – the address of the argument to Facebook to take on more responsibility for what platform, who uses it and how it is used, there is a sense that these problems are just … happened or should have happened.

Maybe this job could be a lot more efficient if Facebook just said, Hey, we screwed up, please forgive us and we will fix it. Maybe not. But a hint of a problem is not an apology.

First place works today on TV during the playoffs of the NBA. The campaign includes TV, home, cinema, digital spots (on and off platform) and will run until the end of the summer.

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