Notes Adweek media All-stars that Transformerait industry

After a long TV upfront Adweek have compiled some of the best and brightest buyers and media planners last night for our annual media All-stars.

Editorial Director of Adweek James Cooper attended the cocktail party held on Thursday evening, in the office in the classroom using several different in Manhattan.

Among 2018 media All stars was attended by head of year and the global President of the media center John Moore, and also our rising star Alexis Tony, Director of media strategy at the Laundry. Other winners included Damian Aryean team one; Jared Belsky, CEO of 360i printer; Eileen Benwitt and Eva Kantrowitz horizon media; Mebrulin Francisco and Evan Hanlon group M; Brian Krick entity; Andy Littlewood in the company mediacom; Kendra MAZ Assembly; the Havas bus station, and Mann; Greg March, CEO of noble people; Kerry Perse OMD; and Eric Schmidt of Caderon.

CEO Adweek Jeff Litvak welcomes the crowd. Winners Hanlon Evan and Andy Littlewood. The winner of the Mebrulin Francisco, managing partner, GroupM multicultural marketing. In Adweek video interview with teams noble people CEO Greg Marsh. The winner of the bus station, and Mann, Executive Vice President of Havas Media group. The winner of the Kerry perse and her colleagues from OMD USA. Media all-Star rising star Alexis Tony and Adweek editorial Director James Cooper. Horizon Media-winners Eva Kantrowitz and Eileen Benwitt. Winner Damian Areyan (left) from the team with Adweek’s James Cooper. Adweek editorial Director James Cooper and all-stars. The winner of the Evan Hanlon and his team of GroupM. Winner Erika Schmidt and her colleagues from Cadreon. The winner of the Kendra Mazey gets a selfie with her team from the Assembly. Rising star Alexis Tony.

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