Nike is trying to build a culture that is truly open, and respectful investigation after the New York times

Nike is working to meet their cultural issues.

In recent weeks, top managers, including marketing veteran Trevor Edwards, left the company amid reports of “conduct that is incompatible with the values [of the company]”. Last weekend in the new York times published an investigation about what that culture was supposedly like, and how it works for the brand was “toxic” for some women.

Since then, mark Parker, CEO of the Behemoth brand that has approximately 75,000 employees reportedly apologized to the staff members in staff meeting and two women, Kelly Leonard and Amy Hill was raised to the posts of Vice-President (Leonard is now Vice-President and chief diversity and inclusion officer new posts for “Nike”; montagne is Vice President and General Manager of global categories).

“We recognize that behavior is incompatible with our values prevented some employees from a sense of respect and doing their best work,” said Carreon-John Sandra, global Director of corporate brand communications via e-mail.

Carreon-John continued: “we are determined to take the insights we gained to build a culture that is genuinely open, respectful and representatives of different thoughts, and experience. We are already taking steps—holding our leaders to higher levels of responsibility, investing in new sources of diversity and accelerate the training Manager to clarify our expectations around culture. And we will continue to change.”

“It’s an educational moment for any brand, who believes that they are beyond reproach; the past has value.”Christopher Skinner, founder and Director of the school building

But will this be enough to fix the brand? Analysts believe that Nicky needs to retool his team and truly listen to women—not just women in managerial positions to fix its culture.

“We’ve seen this cycle repeat again and again—when you have rooms-a variety of male-only team, management, bad decisions you made, valuable employees leave, and business suffers. Once again the lack of female leadership associated with a dip in its market share, in this case in the super hot category of women’s products,” said Stefania Pomponi, President and chief ideologist in Germany, a marketing Agency smart. “This is a huge miss Nick, that demonstrates the inability of value equally to all employees leads to a decline in business.”

Pomponi said: “it seems that they are being proactive now is to put women in leadership positions, but they failed to listen to women in the past have cost them a lot of talented women. In order to regain the interest and confidence of women leaders, they will work together to demonstrate that they are willing to change.”

Zarina Mak, the managing partner for the production of PS260 store agreed: ”how can it be marketing brands to women, but not to be open to suggestions and ideas from women in those companies in the first place? It’s not about women in leadership positions just to fill them is to listen to your female colleagues and treat them with respect, welcoming their thoughts and ideas apart from all the rest.”

The company is working to remake its leadership team and put women in influential positions in the company, according to the company Nike Carreon-John, who pointed to the recent action of the Montagne and Leonard: “we believe it will take leaders and systems in place to listen and take action. … We will continue to invest in our team to create a culture of empowerment and respect, placing greater emphasis on increasing the different representations through the promotion, retention and recruiting”.

“How can it be marketing brands to women, but not to be open to suggestions and ideas from women in those companies in the first place?”Zarina Mak, managing partner, PS260

According to the website yougov BrandIndex, recent reports about cultural problems in their names is not damaged its brand perception. When I first announced the news in March of this brand made drop consumer perception, the data shows, but then leveled off, which, according to the website yougov BrandIndex CEO Ted Marzilli in his own trademark “Teflon”.

Still, this does not mean that Nike might be sitting pretty. “It’s an educational moment for any brand, who believes that they are beyond reproach; the past has value,” said Christopher Skinner, founder and Director of creative Agency branding, school. “A business can’t change the error. This is how they recognize and handle them, and the measures taken for the protection of its people that defines them.”

Skinner continued: “Nike should focus on the relationships between not only its customers but also its employees on a daily basis. They, along with other brands, responsibility for the experience of the person ahead of profitability, which will bring a positive reaction from consumers and business partners.”

Brands, marketers are studying the situation, “Nike” should “listen to the women on the team, and to work actively to bring different voices for all roles, especially the role of leader,” said Pomponi. “We all have blind spots, but if your staff relies on a broad range of experience, You are more likely to catch a mistake before it becomes a catastrophe.”

Another lesson, according to Geoff cook, partner, base design, is that “the hour has become one of the most important roles in the company. Will it facilitate or ensure a healthy culture, resolving personnel services make a deeper impact on how the brand is perceived.”

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