New arrests in ongoing land dispute

  • New arrests in ongoing land dispute
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    New arrests have been made in the ongoing dispute over land in Wexford.

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New arrests have been made in the ongoing dispute over land in Wexford.

Three men, who are understood from the extended family John Kinsella, yesterday was arrested by police after they were discovered while trying to cut corn in the field, which was the center of the high court.

Police also confirmed that three members of the Kinsella family to appear in Supreme Court tomorrow in relation to the current case.

Mr John Kinsella Ballywilliamroe, Marshalstown, Enniscorthy, was recently jailed for his refusal to obey a high Court injunction not to interfere with or come within 100m of land in County Wexford.

John Kinsella spent a few hours in Mountjoy prison after he gave the undertaking to comply with the orders in respect of land in in Lodgewood ferns.

However, it is clear that yesterday three men went into the field to cut the corn before the police arrived on the scene.

Three men were taken away by police and later released and a file is prepared to be sent to GP, police confirmed.

Later that night, the police will again be called to the scene when another man who said he bought the corn in the field, collided at the entrance to the ground. While police arrived on the scene, he realized that the situation is resolved amicably.

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John Kinsella is subject to a court order prohibiting him from coming within 100 metres of land in in Lodgewood ferns.

Mr. Kinsella and his brother brought in 158 acres in 2008, several million euros deal after receiving the first loan from friends. However, they have become heavily indebted due to the economic collapse.

Then their loan at 4.5 m had been sold on the so-called vulture Fund’ Emberton Finance. In Kinsellas claim that they have offered a full and final settlement in friends first, which was rejected, and the land was sold for a third of this cost.

Grower John B. Dockrell Ltd bought the land in June 2017 and are unable to access it in connection with the activities of Mr. Kinsella.

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