New Adidas traded pieces from the new collection of Alexander Wang to get to Coachella

When Alexander Wang creates a new collection for Adidas Adidas, you know something completely wild and unexpected happens. In the past, the designer has done everything from flipping the logo “Adidas” on his head will sell a collection of garbage bags during new York Fashion Week as an Ode for resale and bootleg fashion community.

With the designer’s latest collection fell on 21 April in some retail stores, Wang Wang and his posse (the stars of a new advertising campaign, including binx Walton, Hanne Gaby Odiele, lexi Boling, Issa lish and Kate McNeil) go on an epic journey from Los Angeles to coachella.

Tomorrow #Wangsquad will beg, borrow, and trade all the way to the festival. Making his way to palm springs tomorrow with a van full new collection #adidasOriginalsxAW. Stay tuned in our history and insta @AdidasOriginals to follow our journey.

The publication of Alexander Wang (@alexanderwangny) on April 12, 2018 at 7:26 Moscow time

It wasn’t any old road trip. The crew went to the house on wheels, equipped with pieces from the new collection of van. Along the way they stopped in several places and had to exchange items from the collection the things they need like gas and food to get from point a to point B. Adidas captured the journey as it unfolded, posting regular updates from the Adidas originals Instagram story.

Alexander Wang and his team travelled in a branded RV from Los Angeles to Coachella to launch a new collection of the designer.Daniel Arnold

“We’re always trying to challenge myself and go beyond just what we do,” said alegra O’hare, Vice President brand communications at Adidas. During previous iterations of the campaign felt a very sharp (and perhaps even a little dark), the latter should be a little more carefree.

Photographer brianna Capozzi stylist and Plexiglass Hayley to tag along to capture the five ladies in the most unexpected scenarios concerning unique backgrounds. Some of the stops along the way included the gas station store and a water Park.

“I think it’s very important to be able to connect with our consumers,” said O’hara. “It’s really about connecting the brand with the culture and in the culture, and again, what a surprise. The gradual unfolding all along the way will be great fun and, in fact, very creative, and that’s what we want to Express in this campaign.”

Wang’s latest collection celebrates the beauty of flaws and imperfections inherent in the creative process, Adidas has long championed. With these imperfect pieces from the collection such as the barter makes a good statement about the value of those items, even with their flaws.

Brand collaborated closely with partner Agency Johannes Leonardo, along with van, the trick. Ferdinando Verderi, founding partner, Johannes Leonardo , said they started with the idea of factory defects, as can be seen in the collection of the van this season.

“We translated that into the idea of error, and given that Adidas is the brand for the creators, we decided that the idea of error,” Verderi said, adding that “in short, the idea came to me literally just trying to demonstrate that there is value in mistakes, and mistakes can create beauty and that they are desirable.”

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