My secret is an excerpt from the advertising industry? Adjust Your Point Of View

I recently moderated a panel discussion about the creative Directors of some advertising agencies at industry conferences, when there is a difficult but important questions: how old is too old for the advertising game?

On the panel no one came up with a convincing answer, but it is, of course, all think that the problem our industry is, of course, conscious, but is unable to recruit the same amount of attention as other hot topics button.

There is an old cliché that advertising is a young man on the game, and the statistics I’ve seen seem to confirm this. In 2016, the UK Institute of practitioners in advertising—a leading trade group, said the average age of workers in all member agencies ipa was 33.7 years, the figure of the IPA said that has remained unchanged since 2009. I don’t know any statistics, citing the age of the creatives in the advertising business, the arena, the most familiar to me, but I think it skews even younger.

The situation reminded me of my early days in business when I was 20 something-President and creative Director of the old Agency Hawley Martin (later to be acquired Arnold communications). Whenever I complained that customers are not taking me seriously because I was so young, my mentor and founder of the Agency, Dave Martin, said, “Matt, you’re too young to “old” in one day”. Wow, he was wrong.

So the question remains: is there a right age for this business I’m so passionate about love? In my opinion, the answer is simple: it all depends on your Outlook.

After 36 years in advertising, my Outlook is still that 20-year-old. My love and dedication to this crazy business deep. I’m really excited to Wake up in the morning and go to work. Even my other passions thread of marketing runs through them.

The question remains: is there a right age for this business I’m so passionate about love? In my opinion, the answer is simple: it all depends on your Outlook.

My understanding, experience and commitment to advertising is very real and truly deep. But in this lies the hardest part of this review a business to respect and love me back? The majority indicates that it is not, so that professionals aging, still like to work to do with the rest of your life?

Answer: it depends on several factors.

I was lucky. I am 59 but still very active, because I have my own Agency which I started when I was 43, after working in large agencies for many years. While my name will remain on the door, I can call the shots about how much I do and how long I will remain in his current role. But not every creative in the industry has that luxury. About creative Director in a big Agency, who are pushing 40 or just passed it? Where is their future?

I have no definite answer, but I have some ideas about how they should approach the inevitability of growing up in the industry, Souvenirs and rewards of youth.

Basically, it’s about embracing change. If you want to go into this business, you just have to be able to objectively look ahead and say, “I’m willing to try it. I want to try it and I will try my best to learn from it.” No matter what “it” may be.

It is easy to say but difficult to do. I found that as we age, we tend to allow ourselves to get used to our success. We learned a lot from our years of experience, our accomplishments and our achievements, and our inevitable failures. We have developed a certain degree of wisdom, which tells us that we know how everything should be done to make them work. But I believe that the so-called wisdom, sometimes prevents us from trying something new. And guess what? When that happens, that’s when you get too old for this game.

We are in the business of change. Time changes everything, the culture changes things and that change can come on a daily basis. Sometimes hourly. So how old is too old? When you decide that you are too old to change

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