My 3 x 1 System to reduce business overwhelm

To maximize any working day, you want performance. We all know that.

Performance requires effective prioritisation.

Effective prioritization is based on good decisions.

“Good decision making requires space and time-two things that are usually in short supply when we are feeling overwhelmed loads.”

And this is where most of us encounter trouble.

Why? Because the right decisions require time and space-two things that are usually in short supply when we are feeling overwhelmed loads.

So, what do we do? To throw in the towel? Soldiers, while time and space magically opens in our calendar?

Nope. We get active. Whenever I am drowned in work I activate what I call the ‘3 x 1 reduction System of the business to fill up’.

It consists of three rules:

The one minute rule

This rule for all these tiny, crappy job, it is easy to postpone, because they can be made at any time. The problem with things that can be done at any time that they are usually done promptly. But they cause depression, because you keep seeing them.

  • Bills that need to be filed.
  • The burned out bulb in the bathroom.
  • Lowering the plant that should be watered.

Every time you see these things, he refers to the words ‘Ah, I have to take care of [this thing] in the head and takes up valuable space that you could devote to more important things.

So this rule is simple: if something can be done in less than one minute, do it now.

When you clear all of these minor worries off your plate, it frees up tons of valuable space that can now be sent that report your boss yells or offer that you’ve been putting off for three days.

One hour rule

How you spend the first hour of the day? If You are like most people, you check email, drink coffee, and make them settled’.

And it makes sense to ease into the day, taking this approach means that other urgent people (communicated by e-mail, phone calls and messaging) become our priorities and suddenly it’s 11: 30 in the morning and all we have done for the last three hours to respond.

This is the main reason most business owners only ever have time to work in their business not on their business.

So, my one hour rule is as follows: first hour each day should be spent doing something that actively generates income for Your business, or business-building activities.

It can be:

  • Making five calls.
  • Writing an offer.
  • When he reached five people who could be interested in working with you.
  • Writing a system or process for tasks that can be delegated to someone else.
  • After reading a detailed financial report to your accountant sends you every month.
  • Exploring a piece of software that may improve internal efficiency.
  • Taking the employee out for coffee, to check them out and see what ideas they might have that will make the business better.

The best thing about this approach: while you don’t get to your email, half of these ‘urgency’ will solve themselves or were taken care of by someone else. Now it is now!

The one-day rule

Most of us have schedules that are busy in the middle of nowhere. Every day we have 10 hours of work that we expect to cram in seven, and we can never seem to catch up. The main reason why we will never catch up (except that we are hopelessly overloaded) is because there’s no room in our schedule in case of unforeseen circumstances.

  • In order to take on the job, even worse.
  • Personal emergency like a sick child home from school.
  • To lose all you worked for in the last two hours, and then have to start again from scratch.

This is when one day the rule comes in: each week must contain a ‘buffer’ day.

It is a day when no appointments or obligation. This is the day when you pretend you don’t when you’re planning all your work for the week. This is the day when, if you’re really on top of your workload, you can use to breathe and take stock of what is happening in your business. But if you need time to catch up on things that were thwarted by unforeseen circumstances, then you have at this time.

This is all very nice, but …

If you sit and think to myself, ‘it’s all good, but I have no time for one minute, usually much less than one hour or one day rules’ … then you have too much on your plate and it’s time really serious about the set back.

We all have the ability to run at full speed during the time period. Without built-in pauses, however, are you absolutely sure that hit the wall, and you will regret you so much priority that space in the first place!

What do you do to relieve your mental stress, when you find yourself drowning in business overwhelm?

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