Musk is working with Goldman Sachs to take Tesla Private

  • Musk is working with Goldman Sachs to take Tesla Private
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    Tesla chief Executive Elon Musk tweeted Monday that he worked with buyout firm Silver lake and the investment Bank “Goldman Sachs” as financial advisers for its plan to take us an electric kettle Private car.

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Tesla chief Executive Elon Musk tweeted Monday that he worked with buyout firm Silver lake and the investment Bank “Goldman Sachs” as financial advisers for its plan to take us an electric kettle Private car.

The ad represents the latest attempt by musk to enhance the credibility of their proposed transaction 72bn $for a Tesla, after his tweet last week that funding was “secured”.

That earlier tweet was the reason for the lawsuits from investors and an investigation by the Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the USA in the accuracy of his statement.

Musk also published in his blog on Monday, his most detailed vision of how Tesla to take individual online can work, and shares of the automaker at the end of trading, showing investor doubts about its feasibility.

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A source familiar with the matter said silver lake offers its assistance to Musk in his study of the transaction without compensation, and was not hired as a financial adviser in an official capacity. The firm is known that, with the help of external financing in the technology sector, and not on providing investment-banking advice.

In addition, the Silver lake, which has allocated 1.4 billion dollars. equity for the transaction Michael Dell in 2013 to take the computer maker private for us, is not currently discussing participating in a potential deal Tesla as an investor, the source added.

Silver lake and “Goldman Sachs” declined to comment.

Musk also said the law firm Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz and Munger, Tolles & Olson is legal counsel for the plan. Both law firms did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Musk in shock last week in the markets with the announcement via Twitter that he was considering private adoption of Tesla for $420 per share. Tesla stock ended trading Monday at $356.41.

Musk said earlier on Monday that the Manager of the sovereign Fund Saudi Arabia spoke in support of the company some private, including as recently as two weeks ago, and also said that the ongoing negotiations with the Fund and other investors.

“I left on the 31st of July meeting (with Saudi funds) no doubt that the agreement with the sovereign wealth Fund of Saudi could be closed, and that it was just a matter of getting the process moving,” said Musk.

“That’s why I call ‘Finance’ in the 7th announcement of August”.

The Saudi Fund for nearly two years has approached him about a Private company, musk said, and the last meeting came after almost 5 pieces of Tesla shares.

Saudi Arabia public investment Fund (PIF) manages more than $230 billion in assets, and about 65pc that interest rates in the major Saudi companies and most of the rest was committed in foreign transactions, such as financing commitments to blackstone group LP us infrastructure Fund Softbank Corp or a group of the Foundation’s vision.

The Saudi Fund intends to sell its $70 billion share in the major sectors of the Saudi oil giant Aramco, which could free up funds for new deals, but the sale can take several months to complete.

Yasser Othman al-Rumayyan, managing Director of mutual Fund called the “Reuters” the team of corporate communications, who did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Musk said that after his messages on Twitter about the possibility of the deal managing Director of the Saudi Fund expressed support for the production, subject to financial and other expertise.

PIF officials have said in the past that the decisions of the national welfare Fund are made with care, emphasizing corporate governance. The PIF Council headed by Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Securities lawyers said that the US law requires managers to have a “reasonable basis” for making claims, meaning that, Musk said that he worked out a verbal agreement for funding after July 31 meeting can put it on a more solid footing in the sec.

It remains unclear if his definition of “wealthy” corresponds to the reasonable shareholder, who can believe the statement indicated, musk written agreement, they said.

“This supports the idea that there are sufficient grounds on which to believe that the funding can be secured, but this does not exclude concern about the “fixed” was an exaggeration, and only emphasizes how inappropriate Twitter was for such disclosure,” said Zachary Fallon, a former sec attorney and Director of law firm Blackmore Fallon.

Musk on Monday, about two thirds of the existing shareholders Tesla wanted to roll over their holdings into a private company, but said he still talks with major shareholders and advisers before settling on the structure of the transaction.

Musk added that most of the capital for the transaction will come from justice and will not be “wise” to burden the company with additional debt. Discuss all the details of the plan, including the source and nature of funding would be “premature” now, – he said.

Large investments from Saudi Arabia, is likely to trigger consideration by the Committee on foreign investment in the United States, which reviews deals for potential national security concerns.

Jeremy Zucker, co-head of international trade practice Dechert, said two key decisions will be made if the case moved from the dead point: whether Tesla contained critical technologies, and whether the participation of Saudi funding is a matter of national security.

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