Mike’s hard lemonade prepares You for summer with its new campaign

The temperature in the northeast has already reached in the 80-ies this week and memorial Day just a few weeks, Hard lemonade malt beverage brand, Mike began a campaign priming the audience for the summer.

The brand continues to pursue men aged 25 to 29, a demographic previously had difficulties.

“Happiness is, ultimately, the social language of Emoji, gifs & clips—why we interact with our fans through a meme-inspired creative and on their favorite platforms like snapchat to create a shared experience,” said Mike’s Hard lemonade, senior Vice President, marketing Sanjiv Gajiwala.

A series of broadcast and digital advertising use of the Internet-inspired humour, acting and drawing inspiration from common tropes that the millennial audience will be familiar. The party of “bird”, that means livening up a party predators with some Mike’s hard lemonade, for example, “Top 40 fireworks” takes karaoke to the next level.

With their quirky humor, spot risk alienating the audience among its target audience, with an approach they may find unpleasant.

“We didn’t want to make another typical beer advertising. It was created for students in the Internet. What’s different about this campaign is that this is not a campaign in the traditional sense is a culture,” said Havas North America CCO Jason Peterson. “You can’t tell this audience why they should buy the lemonade; you have to show them what it’s like to drink Mike’s Hard lemonade using the semantic content.

The effort is based on the “drink on the bright side” campaign the brand launched last year. In addition to broadcast and digital advertising, the campaign also includes social extensions is built around six packages of the competition, Snapchat Snapcode call for consumers to submit their best jokes to win “them happy holidays” and a custom lens snapchat. There are also a number the bright side of pop-up events in new York, Los Angeles and Chicago.

“Seeing the success of last year’s ‘drink to campaign the bright side, we wanted our loyal followers to truly experience the bright side in an intimate and tangible way. So we came up with total immersion, multi-sensory event experience proven to inspire happiness,” said Gajiwala.

“In this pop-up will take consumers through the journey using color, food, music, Comedy, relationships, travel and exercise, which refer to the actually existing research on happiness—but with a Jersey twist”, – he added. “Participants will literally taste happiness in wool woods, sing your favorite tunes while Mike ‘Caraoke session and enjoy a Comedy show, among other surprises.”

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