Lyft in a poppy, colorful New look, font, captions, and icons are meant to Nourish a growing Brand

Lyft has a new look. The company created a caption, icons, and expanded their color palette, adding a “dynamic secondary palette,” reports business creative Director Jesse Mcmillin—as a way to excite and elevate the rising ride-sharing company.

Developed by an in-house creative team, new look, is part of a broader strategy to determine how the brand goes to market at a time when the company grows. And did not make the team developing brand look and feel to make sure that it is modern and relevant is an ongoing project.

The essence of the new work to protect and elevate the brand, and “finding all these new ways to make themselves more perfect, more dynamic and attract energy, which we are as a brand,” explained Mcmillin, who was in America from Virgin four years ago. “For me that is based on our visual image, color, design and personality, our tone of voice and how we appear in the world or our digital experience.”

Instead of having to move away from the company signature pink, black and white color palette, the design team worked to come up with a lot dustier pastel colors that would emphasize those basic colors, to make sure that a brand can be visually interesting and dynamic as possible.

“We send hundreds of emails every day,” said Mcmillin. “If we do this, and we use only these three colors, we may not have enough dynamic qualities to make sure that these things are brought to life to make sure that they are interesting and relevant to a specific part of the message that we send.”

To create an updated look and feel of a creative team made three main principles of the brand, as well as a comprehensive brand book, that has been in the works for the last seven or eight months. “A lot of it looked like we raise and embody who we are as a brand, creating brand new characters, so to speak, to give people the tools they need while not losing who we are?”, said Mcmillin.

The first principle of the brand-keep it simple. “If you’re a designer, you’ve probably heard all your life, right? Many times it is more about the things that you need to remove and how to remove it, than what you actually go,” said Mcmillin.

The second is to have contrasts. “Dynamic contrast are essential to the things we do,” said Mcmillin. “The two founders of the company are two interesting and very different people. It is a space where they could come together and find this harmony with each other, allowing lyft to be born. … Also, drivers and passengers together. Two sides of the equation the service we offer. We wanted to reflect this in two different and very interesting colors as a way of presenting information, it is Dynamic contrast and find harmony in things You might not expect to go together, but things actually go very well together.”

Third, is that the business seeks to keep his rebellious spirit and continue to be “irreverent, fun, playful,” said Mcmillin, who added that it was “seen in the early days of the brand with a wild icon like the pink mustache placed on the front of the car.”

Visual identity for the digital native brand such as lyft is crucial. “As a user of our service the most of your interaction with the digital experience we created,” said Mcmillin. “When you get in the car many times, what we don’t have to monitor or supervise in the same way that we would with what is happening in the application.”

However, the company is committed not only special visual aesthetics, but to have an emotional connection with consumers.

He continued: “everything we did creatively as a brand to accentuate that fun, irreverent, human quality, crisp, colorful, any of these types of words can be as we present the digital content in the world of advertising or even in your Inbox. I hope we do is there. Then when you get in the car and your driver is a little more friendly than average form of transport you could take that feeling consistently through these things. Ideally, if we do everything the same feeling you are experiencing using our digital experience is reflected in the experience you have in the car, even if you arrive on time and the driver was very friendly.”

As for the new custom font, about America in a creative team based on an existing font, Sophia. “Typography, as most designers will tell you, this is a very important part of any visual language,” said Mcmillin. “One of the reasons why we loved [Sofia] was that a form letter, it is a very modern feeling. It’s sans serif and has a clean, modern feeling.”

The development of the brand, look and feel, the business team will operate continuously, mark Mcmillin. “It’s something that you constantly want to clarify and make sure that You are flexible enough to continue to grow,” he said. “We are excited that this is a real point of view and he is going to tell a lot of work, you’ll see coming from us in the coming months and years.”

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