LPG asked the Queen YouTube’s Shitty robots to try her hand at the beginning of placement

If you could build your own Wild West version of yourself, would you do it? Or, if you leave aside the moral and philosophical questions, would you do it?

And Simone Giertz is a scrappy inventor, personality YouTube, the famous “Queen of shitty robots” and Adweek creative 100 graduate—decided to give him a chance.

New 6:30 in the clip, sponsored by HBO and the digital portal features Giertz hacking medical doll in a half-baked (OK, almost raw) version of one of the lifelike androids, TV shows. Binges in the first season of the series to prepare for the mission before diving into the creation of a “SIM” (with Simone being “SIM-one”, which makes it create a “SIM-two”).

Eventually, the bot can’t repeat her exact look—and this, of course, does not hold Fred, the pub will only contribute to the beginning in London. But Giertz brings her signature humor to the process, wryly prodding other popular genres on YouTube along the way. “Welcome to Simone beauty vlog,” she says as she dabs makeup on the cheeks of the mannequin with brush (complete with a broken monologue). “Just a little bit. It just gives you so that you look a bit more lively, which is great if you’re dead plastic doll”.

Overall, this is a great little target promo premium network is preparing to launch the second season of the popular show this Sunday. In the process of construction, Giertz pokes out the link for the song show on a toy piano. And in the end, with a little movie magic, it is the robot finds its way into the pastoral landscape of the 1st season—imitating a scene from the show, complete with existential thoughts, white fixer, and dramatic orchestral score.

For Giertz, which is a charming, absurd projects were on Ellen DeGeneres and the late show with Stephen Colbert, it’s a good addition to practice Content authors that stay true to her own voice—as it was then, last fall, she gave a dinner-serving robot throw pumpkin soup in it, with the help of the Google home (and then immediately transferred the proceeds to the elimination of consequences of natural disasters in Puerto Rico).

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