John Deere announces CommandPRO joystick for all 6R series tractors

  • John Deere announces CommandPRO joystick for all 6R series tractors
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    CommandPRO joystick John Deere is now available for all small and medium-6P series tractors.

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CommandPRO joystick John Deere is now available for all small and medium-6P series tractors.

These models also feature a new CommandCentre 4200 display that provides all six of the AEF certified isobus application functions. In addition, all series models 6P above 130 HP now meet the emissions standards in the stage.

Launched in late 2016, the flagship of Mannheim 6230R and 6250R with CommandPRO set new standards for tractors John Deere, with the joystick enters a new dimension in ergonomics and versatility.

The maximum speed can be achieved with just a single click, and 11 programmable buttons available for the hitch, PTO, SCV, autotrac control, etc.

Functionality CommandPRO allows the tractor with maximum speed to zero with a simple push or pull a joystick and low speeds from 0 to 2kph can be achieved with the control function of a creeper.

Both joystick and pedals can be operated simultaneously and there is no need for an external terminal of the joystick, as the driver can also control the tractor and isobus functions simultaneously.

CommandPRO will be available in a wide range of series 6P in combination with transmission AutoPowr John Deere, and both of these features are standard on the 6P final edition model. CommandPRO can be ordered in combination with the new 4200 or 4600 CommandCentre display.

For 4200 replaces the 4100 block of 7 inches and has a larger 8.4 in screen. This terminal controls, autotrac, section control, documentation, data and other applications. He is also willing to all AEF certified isobus application functions, such as joystick control and transmission of data between the tractor and attachments.

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In addition, all 6R series tractors can be equipped with variable ratio steering (HRV). This requires less arm movement and much less effort on the steering wheel, allowing for quick and smooth turns. The system can be activated and deactivated with a console control tractor CommandCentre. Additional comfort for the operator provides a leather steering wheel and samoisklyuchilis indicator.

Equipped with a large hydraulic pump, 6145R and models 6155R now to deliver a powerful maximum flow 155 l/min This is an increase of 23 percent compared with the previous pump.

With a large 6P series models above 130 HP with compatible engines are stage V, “John Deere” – this is the achievement of stringent emission values that will apply from 1 January 2019 for tractors above 170.

Latest PowerMix test in Germany demonstrates that there is no conflict between low emission and engine efficiency. In 6250R established a new liquid benchmark for the effectiveness of DLG test center in groß-Umstadt, achieving the best result in this segment horsepower at the amount of fluid intake only 364г/h in transport mode.

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