Infographic: why Transformists are demographic brands should be Targeting

While millennials may be the hottest target group for marketers the purpose of the study the insider ink. and digitas says that they are not the most powerful influencers—and that we should not pay so much attention to generations in the first place. A recent study identifies a new group of people cutting various age groups and professions that brands should be a prosecution: “transformists”. And they are United in thought and not of birth.

“Transformists” are technically savvy people who don’t just use technology for their own pleasure, but to better your life and complement the values and causes they believe in, from social issues to work goals. Driven, curious and connected, transformists this group that brands should strive to achieve, according to a survey of insider ink. and digitas. There are 38 million transformists in the United States, and they make the interaction with brands a staple in their lives—77 percent“ like” something brand posts in social networks once a week or more, while 51 per cent to buy something they see in their social feeds.

“Today, marketers place a great deal of value in reaching young people,” said Jennifer Berman, Vice President of marketing Department insider, Inc. “But there are more than 80 million of them, and any group that large is not easy to define. We believe that it is much more valuable to look at the audience through the filter of thinking and Outlook, which is also the best way to determine really influential.”

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