Infographic: how to “video on demand” and the shift timing changing television

With OTT services like Netflix, hulu and Amazon offers hundreds of TV shows options, marketers may be worrying about how to change their advertising strategy. But a new study from the advertising Agency they (PSA) shows that TV is still the king, the most viewers to watch their favorite program live and not “time shifting,” or watching them after they’ve aired.

The report also found that 81 percent of viewers who binge video-on-demand (VOD) programming say they can view it at their convenient time. As a result, the waters of the screenings has increased almost four times, to 23.3 billion in 2017 from 6.3 billion in 2014.

“But TV remains first choice for watching TV regardless of the time of day, of course, consumers enjoy custom designing their browsing experience to access more content, to catch up on missed episodes and watched at their convenience,” said Sean Cunningham, President and CEO of VAB Bank. “[The study shows] TV isn’t going away—it’s everywhere.”

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