Infographic: how NewFronts affect advertisers approach digital video

When the digital Content NewFronts launched in 2008, nobody could have predicted the digital video once faced, for example, security, misleading political ads and videos of the conspiracy. However, the interactive advertising Bureau, which operates NewFronts, says that does not deter advertisers—and it has studies proving that claim up. OVD found that eight out of 10 advertisers have increased their original digital video budget (EFA) after visiting the NewFronts in 2017, while 87 per cent agreed that advertising on Original video programming is an integral part of their clients ‘ media buys.

“This study confirms that brands and media buyers are the audience, as they flock to digital screens to interact with innovative storytelling that uses image, sound and movement,” said Anna bager, Executive Vice President, industry initiatives, IAB. “Original digital video content has an important role in the mix, with advertisers making large investments in the average year after year.”

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