In a clever twist, IKEA shows how bad television Advertising can turn into good publicity for IKEA

IKEA home-country Agency, Åkestam Holst, really does an impressive job of transforming boredom in the marketing environment.

Stockholm-based creative shop, international Adweek Agency of the year in 2017, made his debut in the PREROLL campaign last fall that practically (and sometimes literally) told you to skip the long and senseless ads. Perhaps because the clips were so fascinating immaterial, they have proved strangely intoxicating, and the average viewing time of 3 minutes and 39 per cent of viewers reportedly watch full 9-minute clips, according to the Agency.

Now Hyper-realistic“ where life happens” the IKEA campaign is back and this time we not just watching boring commercials. We look family to watch boring commercials. Then we watch them not to look. And when it truly is about ads, IKEA.

Honestly, all this kind of Meta-advertising Ouroboros, so it will be better if you just see for yourself:

Although it may be overreaching to say on the announcement “turn,” as it is the monotony, of course, never concede, it’s still a good visual to play, to replace the exiting family members with labels for IKEA products—which stick is much better when no one is around to use them.

Works in Swedish cinema, on TV and in digital, in the place of Director Martin Werner from Sala to Stockholm.

“IKEA understands how people live in the real world,” the Agency explains in a statement about the ad. “In their last place we see the family watching an exciting movie which suddenly is interrupted by a commercial break. The magic is gone, and like many others, this family decides to leave their cozy couch to do other things. This is when IKEA took the opportunity to do some advertising.”

Client: IKEA of Sweden
Agency: Åkestam Holst
Creative Director: Magnus Jakobsson
Ad: Jesper Holst and mark Ardelius
Account Director: Jon Monson Chelle
Agency Producer: Leila Widgren
Planner: Rod Winter

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