How to perfect the art of connecting with Your community and promoting true participation

Each brand has a community. It may consist of your customers, partners, brand ambassadors or the best sales prospects. The trick is not just the community (and believe me, you have one whether you actively interact with it), but the Manager of this community so that it provides value for all members and therefore a strategic advantage for Your business.

Most brands to build a community with the advertiser thinking of sending a message to members that the transactions valued for an engagement. The result: brands to get lost in the vast ocean of marketing messages and easily ignored weary consumers. To cut through the noise, you need to your community.

Here’s how to do it:

To serve specific niches

Many brands mistakenly believe that the more members of the community, the better. But the most valuable communities are smaller, more exclusive and to focus on creating brand advocates of life, offering its members much more than the ability to buy. The purpose of the Association to a particular group, whether it is VPS of Analytics or master plumbers. A group of 10 amazing people at the table can be more valuable than 500 people at the event.

The most valuable communities are smaller, more exclusive and to focus on creating brand advocates of life, offering its members much more than the ability to buy.

Think about the subset of people you want to invest and create experiences for them. How can you be more specific detailing. For example, the heads of too General. CEO of Fortune 500 has little in common with the CEO of Seed-stage startups. You can have more than one community, the silage groups according to various verticals such as geography, company Size, occupational role, etc. This way You will be able to know your members tightly, so you can identify their pain points, to introduce them to people who can be useful to them or suggest resources that they can’t dig themselves.

To start with meaningful conversations

Those dollars you spend on the Internet to get traffic and to increase vanity metrics can ultimately provide a return, but they will not help you build a community. All eyes are not created equal, and the audience is not the same as community. Your goal should not be to build a promotional channel, but to have meaningful conversations with community members in a space where they feel heard and appreciated. For this, you’re much better to run your own page where you can VET and to steer the conversation to relevant topics.

For example, if your customers are primarily CIOs, you can start a closed Facebook group for CIOs, the place where these leaders can connect with each other as equals and to provide you with market and product understanding. It was clear that all the elements are checked, and that you went above and beyond to get the right people in [the physical and the virtual room. Your options are not limited to major social media platforms; You can also create a free-standing group.

Select real estate

You don’t expect to have meaningful conversations with their best friends in the middle of a crowded and noisy club. And yet, this is exactly how most brands approach to build communities.

Say for example that your brand sells spices for gourmets and everyone in your industry took part in a particular exhibition. As an advertiser, you can write a check at the stand. But as community Manager, you need to be wise to invest in hosting private, invite only event at a nearby restaurant, where the chef will prepare a tasting menu with your spices. You would have invited chefs who visit the show, providing them with an oasis from the noise of the massive exhibition and gives them the opportunity to socialize with peers in an exclusive setting. The exhibition is not transportable, but your personal events. You can also earn a reputation as the curator of memorable experiences that connect superstars of the industry to private oasis-like gatherings to larger events. This is not just another “activation” brand, and a true member benefit for the chosen, with your brand sitting in the center.

How do you think all of the above, remember that You are not claim to the most precious and finite national resources: time and bandwidth. You’ll need to make the effort of cutting through the noise to differentiate your brand from competitors to attract people’s attention and create engagement and loyalty. To do this, you must provide your members with value that they are unlikely to get anywhere else.

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